Donate to Build Classrooms and Get a Chance to Hang Out with Your Favorite Celebrities

Friends of Hope Inc. has recently launched Hope in a Star, an online platform that uses the positive influence of select celebrities – combined with the power of social media – to raise funds for building more public school classrooms in the Philippines.

Donations from Hope in a Star is a first of its kind where 100% of its profits go towards building classrooms. To date, Hope has built 91 classrooms throughout the country funded by the sale of Hope in a Bottle and unique co-brand partnerships.

With the launch of Hope in a Star, the company looks to surpass 100 classrooms to provide quality learning environments to 20,000 Filipino students. “When the classroom and infrastructure gap is closed, then we proceed to the other advocacies,” points out Ms. Nanette Medved, Founder of Generation Hope Inc.

Luis Manzano, one of the celebrity ambassadors for Hope in a Star, shares that aside from infrastructure (classrooms), he also advocates for accessibility for everyone. He cites how the Philippines, as a progressive country, is already working on projects like free tuition fees for state universities and such, but he still hopes to strengthen this.

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Why should you donate?

There is an equal opportunity for everyone to be part of an advocacy that is doable and physically present. For only 20 pesos, you can be part of it, too! Aside from donating to building classrooms for a small amount, there is a chance for the donor to win a one-of-a-kind experience, which include the following:

  • 3 days of exploring South Cotabato with one of the country’s favorite content creators, Erwan Heussaff
  • a workout and brunch with Iza Calzado, actress and founder of #TheBodyLoveRevolution
  • a private pizza-making date with TV Host and comedian Luis Manzano
  • hanging out backstage and joining a photoshoot with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach
  • a karaoke double date and outdoor meal with James Reid and Nadine Lustre

How cool is that? Donate now and get to meet some of your favorite celebrities while helping out at the same time.

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