Doña Jovita Garden Resort Celebrates A Night For The Earth

The Earth Hour celebration was made special by Doña Jovita Garden Resort by curating a new dinner menu for their guests. As soon as everyone was gathered in their seats, they happily attended to the orders right away. 


dona jovita wheninmanila 5


The celebration started with food, of course. They served us a bowl of pumpkin soup, complete with a creamy consistency and crunchy bread bits on top. This was a great way to get us started for the flavors we were about to taste. 


dona jovita wheninmanila 6


Next was this plate of fresh fish happily sitting on top of mashed potatoes, drizzled with the tastiest pesto sauce I have I ever tasted. I love that this dish was a healthy option but it was still big on flavors. Both the fish and potatoes were soft so the vegetables on top provided a bit of crunch for a variety of texture. 


dona jovita wheninmanila 7


A more casual option that night was this plate of fish and chips with a side of tartar sauce. The batter covering the fish was fried to perfection thus resulting to a juicy and savory fish. The chips and sauce were just a bonus because the fish was definitely the star here. 


dona jovita wheninmanila 8



Finally for the meatn(and cholesterol) lover in me enjoyed this plate of bagnet kare-kare. The name says it all people, two classic Filipino favorites combined in one dish? Heaven!


dona jovita wheninmanila 9


Finally, for pasta lovers you have these options: tinapa penne pasta , organic pesto, and shrimp scampi. Pasta is a must-have for every restaurant because Filipinos love noodles, so it was refreshing to have a quality taste of these dishes in a resort all the way in Laguna. 


Curious what we had next? You’ll be surprised!


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