Doña Jovita Garden Resort Celebrates A Night For The Earth

When In Manila, and aching to travel somewhere beyond the city to celebrate something special, then Doña Jovita Garden Resort is the destination for you. A  drive for less than 2 hours would take you to its resort filled with food, pools (including a hot spring), a lush mediterranean or garden getaway (you can choose from either of these) , and a short hike up in the hills right behind it. 

dona jovita wheninmanila 1

It was my first time to visit the place and the first thing that caught my attention was this elegant and simplistic all-white set-up in Tita Lettie’s Grill. It’s not the usual sight you see in other resorts in Laguna, thus this was something I noted for future reference. (Perfect for a quick romantic getaway, perhaps?)

dona jovita wheninmanila 2


Later did I know that the set-up was actually  new and specially designed for the night’s event– a humble celebration of the Earth Hour


dona jovita wheninmanila 3


This was just a portion of the beautiful interior I saw that night. The lights were gleaming and the whites exuded a relaxed and peaceful vibe during the entire night. 


dona jovita wheninmanila 5


Of course, the kubos looked extra posh that night as well. Perfect for those who want a more intimate gathering with a glimpse of the program. 


Read on to see what we ate!


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