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When In Manila and looking for the perfect school for your child, it’s always best to look around before settling down. Just because a school is good, does not necessarily make it the one for your child. So when you’re hunting down schools, don’t forget to visit Domuschola School too!


Domuschola International School is basically a combination of 2 Latin words, Domus meaning home and Schola meaning school. The place actually looks like a HOME-SCHOOL in some sense. The ambiance, the feel of the place, it felt comfortable and safe.


the preschool classroom is very conducive for learning through discovery


Joel and Jenny Banal, like any parent wanted to find the PERFECT school for their kids. Problem was, good schools were too expensive. Their quest for the perfect school is what led them to build the SECOND MOM CHILDCARE PRESCHOOL. Eventually, they opened more doors as they began the elementary and high school levels a few years after which is now known as DOMUSCHOLA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.


Domuschola is one of the few schools in the Philippines that is a certified IB (International Baccalaureate) school. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure of how an IB school functions as this was the first I’ve been to, but I was completely amazed after meeting the students.



Domuschola International School aims to develop caring and productive global citizens who are critical thinkers, collaborative, and action-oriented through  an international quality education.

The keywords here are CRITICAL THINKERS, COLLABORATIVE and ACTION-ORIENTED. I visited Domuschola International School last week, it was the grade 5’s and 6’s exhibit day! I pictured a lot of hand crafted art, or museum like exhibit, but what greeted me was something completely different and very impressive.

Year End Exhibit: Thesis Mode!

Remember back in college when the gruesome time of doing our thesis came? Yikes! Well, imagine if you had to do that back when you were in grade 5. For the kids of Domuschula, it became a wonderful journey of learning!

See all those? Those are part of their “thesis”

The kids don’t really call it a thesis but it is very much similar to it. Basically, they work in groups and agree on a central idea or what’s similar to a thesis topic. From there, they start brainstorming on the things to do and books to read to find out more about this topic. For this year, the school went green! They did a lot of research on the environment and how man’s actions affect it.

The kids did more than just browse the internet or read some books, they actually went to different communities doing surveys, interviews and the like! Once they were done with all the research, they had to compile it in preparation for the exhibit. However, all that research and knowledge would be of no use if they’re just posted there right? The kids then need to come up with some projects or steps that could help decrease this problem. The projects don’t just last for the duration of the paper but throughout the school year and the succeeding years (as long as there is someone in charge of it)


Left Picture: Trees absorbing water from the rains

Right Picture: Due to deforestation, trees have ran out and there is nothing left to absorb the water

I was really really impressed! Imagine what impact all that research, analysis, and interviews did for them. At this age, they already know the impacts of our actions on environment, they already know much more about the world than most of us did back then. These kids will grow up to be geniuses!

When In Manila and you want a school in which your child will learn and grow through inquiries and self-discovery, Domuschola International School is definitely the place to be!

Domuschola International School

Dorm 1, Philippine Sports Complex,

Molave Street,Barangay Ugong

Pasig City

(+632) 635.9743 | (+632) 635.2002

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