Dominos Pizza: The Childhood Pizza Favorite is Back!

Dominos Pizza: The Childhood Pizza Favorite is Back!


Pizza, in any form, is definitely a staple of the barkada/family ‘food sesh’, especially this summer when almost everyone gets together to chillaxing with their friends or relatives. The picture below in itself already speaks for how good pizza is!

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Just a few years ago, a childhood (and teenage) pizza brand favorite that was enjoyed inside homes everywhere, especially during the mid- to late 90s, came to the Philippines to bring back their awesome signature pizzas! It was back in August 10, 2010, when Mr. Tong Su Hong, the President and CEO of Dominos Pizza Philippines, pioneered the return of the famous pizza brand to the country, with the aim of re-introducing it to those who loved the brand before and, at the same time, to the new generation of Pinoy pizza lovers here. The Philippines is one of the 65 international markets of Dominos Pizza,” the world’s leading pizza delivery company”. 

Now, four years later, they are gradually making their presence felt even more, with seven branches all over the Greater Manila Area and three more to come.

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We recently got a chance to check out Dominos Pizza‘s latest promo, where you can feast on one delicious slice of pizza from Domino’s – for FREE!! – every fourth week of every month, from 11pm-2pm and 4pm-6pm, so you better watch out for the next coming of the Free Slice event!


How to Get a Free Slice!

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Step 1- Lurk within the vicinity of the nearest Domino’s Pizza outlet to you, at least a week before the indicated dates to get the necessary stub/s.


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Step 2: Visit the nearest Domino’s branch to your place of residence or work.
Step 3: Present your stub to the cashier.
Step 4: The cashier will immediately open a box, so you can handpick your free slice of pizza. Voila!


My Domino’s Experience

Mr. Joven Quintana, Domino’s Pizza’s Marketing Associate, let us try out two of their best-selling pizzas on the menu: the “Extravaganzza” and the “Kalamata Tomato Pizza” at their branch at SM Sucat Lopez. The pizzas, especially the Kalamata one, were oh so fiiiine!

Dominos Pizza_5

Ordered the Domino’s Finest-liner 10-inch “Extravaganzza”. It’s smothered with pieces of pepperoni,italian sausage, ham, beef, onions, black olives, green bell pepper, mushroom, mozarella cheese and Domino’s Pizza Sauce- altogether creating a very tasty pizza!


Dominos Pizza_6

This is Domino’s Pizza’s newest bestseller, the “Kalamata Tomato Pizza”. It’s topped off with tomatoes, black olives, basil flakes, mozzarella cheese and Domino’s Pizza sauce. That “Kalamata tomato” made this pizza stand out from most pizzas I’ve tried. Promise, it’s very delicious!

The “Extravaganza” may have similarities with pizzas from other chains, but it carries that signature Domino’s Pizza Sauce, which distinguishes it from the rest. Meanwhile, for my personal favorite, Domino’s newest flavor, the “Kalamata Tomato Pizza”, contains bits of kalamata tomato (as inferred from its name), which has a more distinct taste compared to the regular native tomato and makes this pizza an overall winner at Domino’s 🙂

Not only were both flavors very delicious, I also noticed that when the pizza slice is lifted from the whole, it does not stick to the box, leaving the box relatively clean afterwards and thus reusable. A thumbs-up for environmental-friendliness right there!

Learn more about the Art of Folding Pizza here: Greatest Discovery Ever: The Art of Folding Pizza


The Menu and Domino’s Loyalty Card Rewards

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The full menu of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza’s pizza range is categorized into four: Classic, Best Seller, Domino’s Finest and Gourmet. Before you order a pizza, you may opt to change the type of crust from the default Classic Hand Tossed to either a Thin Crust or a Double Decker 12-inch Large, both for P100. Aside from the beloved pizzas, three kinds of pasta(Creamy Alfredo, Penne Pasta, and Meaty Bolognese),Buffalo Chicken Wings, the Apple Crumble Dessert Pizza (looks like a must-try!) and other sides are also available.

They also offer the “One + One Deal”, where you get to choose any flavor for the 1st pizza and choose from five flavors for the 2nd pizza;  the 10-inch medium pairs are for P399, the 12-inch large pairs are for P599, and the 14-inch family-size pairs are for P649.

Dominos Pizza_8

They also offer awesome privileges for their loyalty card! Below are the card privileges:

1. Avail Domino’s 1 + 1 deal on all flavors of 10″-14″ pizza sizes for 365 days from date of activation.

2. Earn a point for every P50 spent, and redeem your points for free pizza.

3. Birthday treat from Domino’s Pizza, where they give you a solo-sized Apple Crumble Dessert Pizza. (Yum yum!)

4. No delivery charge.


For deliveries, you may check out their contact details below There is a 30-minute Guarantee for any kind of delivery, whether it be through SMS ordering, the official Domino’s Pizza PH website, or their hotline. So, whether you miss the the pizza you used to eat back in the late 90s, want to try out their new pizza, or are simply craving for pizza, contact Domino’s Pizza for some awesomesauce goodness!


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Domino’s Pizza Philippines



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Dominos Pizza: The Childhood Pizza Favorite is Back!