Dominos Pizza: Yummy Pizza Now Serving at The District, Dasmariñas

Dominos Pizza: Yummy Pizza Now Serving at The District, Dasmariñas

Good news for all the Caviteño pizza lovers out there! Dominos Pizza opened its doors to the public last May 31, 2014 at The District Dasmariñas! Huzzah! *Confetti* 

A reachable place where yummy pizza is served without having to go to Manila!

Admittedly, I’ve never been to any branch of Dominos Pizza before (I’ve tried their pizza already, though!), but I can say that I was impressed with the interiors of their newly opened branch. The place is niiiicccce.

Dominos Pizza at The District Dasmariñas has a cool vibe to it. It’s small but well-lit and doesn’t feel cramped – perfect for a weekend lunch or dinner. Store hours are from 10AM to 9PM, too – plenty of time for a group of friends and relatives to dine and catch up. 

Decor includes a blackboard with big pieces of chalk you can use to draw. Awesome. 

Pizza sizes are displayed beside the chalkboard for scale, so you don’t have to wonder how big your actual pizza is going to be. Helpful visual! Choose from small (7 inches), medium (10 inches), large (12 inches) and family (14 inches).

Dominos Pizza was generous enough to let me try their pizza, the star of the show. The choices are pretty diverse, though, so I had some trouble choosing! There are different flavors for everyone! 

There’s the Veggie Pizza for our vegetarian friends and our diet-conscious girls and boys, the Potato Pizza for the carbo-loading peeps and the Cheese Pizza for the straightforward, no-nonsense pizza eaters out there.

The meat lover inside of me scream for the Extravaganzza that day, Dominos’ finest with its signature sauce topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, beef, onions, black olives, green bell peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Crazy, right??? The meatier brother of Extravagganza, Meatzza, was my other choice. It comes with bacon. BACON. BACON!!

Man, I almost forgot about my diet. Everything delicious on a pizza. 

Learn more about the Extravaganzza here: Dominos Pizza: The Childhood Pizza Favorite is Back!

The bikini babe wannabe in me eventually protested and tried out a healthier pizza, too.

The Kalamata Tomato Pizza, aka the gift from the gods. Kalamata tomatoes, black olives, basil flakes and mozarella cheese topped with Dominos signature pizza sauce. Classic hand-tossed, of course, but new on the menu! The tomatoes are refreshing and not overwhelming. I think the olives kind of balance out the taste. I love the combination. It feels light on the tummy and albeit being sinful (since it’s pizza, after all), I did not feel guilty. 

A must-try for a new crust experience, too. Their crust is coated in bread crumbs, so you can hear crumbs crunching with every bite!

Verdict: YUMMY. Bikini babe wannabe is happy. 

Look at all that cheese. Good Lord.

Too bad it was just me there. I would have liked to try more! The Kalamata Tomato Pizza certainly set a benchmark and I’m curious about the other flavours now. Joven Quitana, Dominos Pizza’s Marketing Associate, told me that their Potato Pizza is really, really good; it is his favorite. It’s actually the bestseller in their Singapore branches, too! I also want to try out their Double Decker Crust. A thin crust on top of another thin crust with cream cheese sandwiched in the middle. *drools*

I was lucky enough to catch Mr Tong, President of Dominos Pizza that day, as well. He relaunched Dominos Pizza in the Philippines and I was told that opening the District branch is just the beginning. More branches are to follow… A Fairview branch is soon to open! That’s something that our friends from the North should definitely smile about. Dominos Pizza does not just make good pizza; they offer quality pizza all the way!

Tip: Make sure you visit their District branch on or before June 30. As a grand opening treat, they are giving giving out 40% off of on any pizza – any size and flavor!

Dominos Pizza


(046)506-30-30 (The District) / 997-30-30 (Manila)



Twitter: @dominospizza_ph



Dominos Pizza: Yummy Pizza Now Serving at The District, Dasmariñas

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