Dolphins, killer whales spotted off the coast of Bohol

Locals from Bohol have been reporting that they have spotted dolphins and orcas (killer whales) off the coast of Garcia Hernandez town. This report came about three months after tourism activities were suspended in the area due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jervz Galido shared a video on Facebook that captured this.

“Killer whales,” he wrote on the caption.

Locals in the area have seen bottlenose and spinner dolphins as well as orcas or killer whales starting last June 29.

Apparently, orcas are rarely seen in Philippine waters, according to Oceana PH, an international organization that is solely focused on ocean conservation.

“What could be the cause of their presence here? Is it a decrease in boat activity brought by the lockdown? Scientists may want to ponder on this question,” Ocean PH wrote on a Facebook post.

“If you are lucky enough to be near marine mammals in the open water, please observe “social distancing” from them! While these animals should not be feared, we should respect their own space,” Ocean PH added.

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