Dolphin Dies in Palawan After Eating Plastic Bag

A young rough-toothed dolphin was discovered in Nacpan Beach in El Nido on June 27. The dolphin seemed sick and the El Nido Resorts-Be Green team tried to revive to it. To no avail, the dolphin (who was named Wally) died the next day.

Photo from El Nido Resorts-Be GREEN Facebook Page

In a Facebook post, Wally was described as “weak and emaciated, looking like he had not eaten for weeks.” After a post-mortem examination, it was discovered that the dolphin had actually died of a plastic bag that had gotten stuck in its stomach. The plastic waste was so tightly packed that the fish that Wally ate after it wasn’t able to pass through.

The group called on to the public to ditch single-use plastic, which has been reported to be the reason for many animals’ deaths.

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