Doctors Upset Over Viral Column on “Resident Doctors”

Our Pinoy doctors are not happy.

This is after a column that appeared on the Mindanao Times that seemed to question the legitimacy of resident doctors in hospital, had gone viral.

The column, written by Fely Viloria Sicam, was titled “Are resident doctors really doctors?” and was published in the Mindanao Times last July 20.

The photo of the article, posted by various netizens, has gotten about 5,000 shares since posting it on social media.

Are resident doctors really doctors Mindanao Times

The article supposedly suggests that resident doctors be looked into as well, after Senator Miriam Santiago sought a probe on fake doctors, and recounted an experience where the columnist’s friend suffered “humiliation” after being rushed to the emergency room in a public hospital in Metro Manila.

Netizens, most especially doctors, have taken offense with particular excerpts of the column such as:

“I guess a probe should be made not only on this fake doctors (sic), but also with doctors who believe that they are already licensed doctors because they are called “doctors” even if they are only “resident” doctors.”

“…But by the looks of it, he seemed to be a fake doctor because he was discourteous, he was arrogant too like the nurse, he was not in uniform, he has no name tag, or insignia, he did not answer in English. Both nurse and resident doctor did not speak at all in English.”

Several of the responses criticized the column’s inaccuracy, as resident doctors are in fact licensed doctors, as doctors would not be allowed to practice in medical institutions if they did not have licenses to begin with.

What do you think of this column?? Do you agree with her points, or do you agree with most doctors?