Do You Have the Guts to Try Piranha Ramen?

Piranha Ramen

We Filipinos are an adventurous bunch, but just how daring are we? Are willing to try piranha ramen?

Piranha ramen was served for a limited time at the Ninja Cafe & Bar in Asakusa, Japan. It started as an April’s Fool prank by Tokyo-based event organizers Holiday Jack’s, but the joke was on them because a lot of people were curious to see what it would be like. So they decided to test it out and serve 1,000 bowls over a four-day period this month.

According to the chef, the piranha was prepared by salting it, drying it under the sun, and boiling it with lemon. It turned out that simply boiling it to create the broth produced a “broth which couldn’t be described as edible.”

Piranha Ramen 2

Piranha Ramen 3

According to SoraNews24, who dared to try it, you can order it with or without the piranha topping. They tried it with the fish, and described the soup as having a “a crisp, clean finish.” As for the meat, it was “straightforward whitefish.” It was tough to eat because of the number of bones, and it wasn’t filling.

If ever this becomes a permanent item, it won’t be cheap. Each bowl costs Y5,500 (roughly P2,643.53), or Y3,000 (P1441.92) without the piranha topping. The expense is the result of a long sourcing procedure, which includes catching, processing, and freezing the fish in Brazil, then shipping it to Japan via the US. Apart from the cost, time and inspection at borders make for a tough operation.


Are you willing to try this? Share your thoughts below!

Photos from SoraNews24