Don’t Miss a Taste of Istanbul – It’s a Limited Time Offer!

Fusion at its best is the most appropriate description of Turkish food.

Fusion cuisine, after all, refers to food or cooking that incorporates various elements of diverse cuisines and culinary traditions. Where else can you get that but in a country like Turkey, which has a truly unique geographical location as it lies partly in eastern Europe and party in western Asia?

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Firing up the food stations are Turkey’s famous skewers (kebap), marinated with true Mediterranean flavors

Thank God we don’t have to travel all the way to Turkey to get our fix of their fusion fare. You can get a “Taste of Istanbul at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila‘s Cucina for a limited time – until October 15, to be exact.

When In Manila Taste of Istanbul Lamb

Sumptuous signature dishes are a must-try

It’s the real deal with Chef Gürsel Keleş behind the Turkish spread. Born and raised in Turkey, Chef Gürsel proudly shares his hometown’s cuisine with local diners. Cucina’s expert culinary team and Chef Gürsel have whipped up a delightful menu that will transport diners right to the heart of Istanbul, which is a melting pot of culture with culinary influences from Greece, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

You can savor the flavors of a traditional Turkish meal through the Circassian Chicken Salad, hot-off-the-grill skewers of meat they call “kebap”. You can take your pick of chicken, red snapper, lamb, and eggplant. Some must-try signature dishes include the Steamed Sea Bass in Paper with Vegetables and Herbs (Kagritta Levrek), the Pan-Roasted Lamb with Smoked Eggplant Puree (Hunkar Begendi), and the Spiced Chicken with Olive Coriander Relish.

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Skewers of Chicken, Red Snapper, Lamb and Eggplant

Of course, you should also leave some room for the Turkish desserts Pistachio ir Walnut Baklava, Candied Pumpkin with Walnuts (Kabak Tatlisi), and Fried Dough Balls in Rose Scented Syrup (Lokma).


The star of the dessert spread is Baklava, you’ll surely get more than a piece of it!

As the current chairman of Eurasian Chefs Association,Chef Gürsel has organized multiple cuisine festivals worldwide. It is no wonder his selection of dishes is on point and truly highlights the finer points of the fusion cuisine of his hometown Istanbul. He is a very good food ambassador of Turkey. He also included a sampling of what he serves in his very own restaurant, Fish of North in Turkey.

It’s not everyday that you get the chance to eat authentic Turkish dishes prepared by a world-renowned chef. It’s like the great explorer Marco Polo himself brought the best cuisines from his travels to Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean in the Metro. So, head on over to Marco Polo Ortigas Manila for A Taste of Istanbul.


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