DLSU to hold Annual Recruitment Week 2018: World Cup on October 2 to 5, 2018


De La Salle University (DLSU), along with the Council of Student Organizations (CSO), its 42 accredited student organizations, and 2 aspiring CSO organizations, will be holding their Annual Recruitment Week (ARW) for the academic year 2018-2019 around DLSU-Taft campus grounds this October 2 to 5, 2018. This event serves as the introduction of the freshmen, or “Froshies” as we call them here in La Salle, to the different student organizations of the university and is also their opportunity to join organizations of their liking.

Inspired by soccer as a highly competitive team sport, this year’s ARW is themed “World Cup.” Nathan Romero, one of the project heads for this event had this to say about this year’s theme: “Every football player has their own playstyle, whether it be a defender, midfielder or striker, there are different ways to play the position. And each team needs different play styles that fit their strategy. This year’s theme represents students being the ideal fit for the organization. It shows unity in differences, a competitive spirit; and most of all, excellence.”

Last year’s ARW was themed Cities, with each organization featuring a famous location from around the globe like New York, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney, to name a few. The theme seeks to showcase the diversity between the student organizations but as a same time show that the diversity roots from not only the organization itself but from the members that partake in the organization much like the inhabitants of different cities all over the globe.

An integral part of any student’s college life is the different organizations that they’ll be joining throughout their stay in the university. Knowing this, the organizations have prepared colorful booths and exhibits that showcase their org-pride to the thousands of students walking around DLSU all week long.  These displays aim to entice the students to join the respective organization as new members in their respective communities. Students who join a particular organization will be able to participate in the organizations events as well take advantage of promotions only made available to those who belong to the organization.