DLSU stands up for the Pinoy Stand-Up Comedy Revolution

DLSU stands up for the Pinoy Stand-Up Comedy Revolution10150573_660606547308652_1422095795_n

Students of La Salle had some idea of what they were getting into when they started filing into the Teresa Yuchengo Auditorium last Thursday. With various members of Comedy Manila doing room-to-rooms promotions for two weeks prior to the event, they were aware that this was going to be a different kind of comedy show. But as soon as the first couple of jokes dropped, so did their jaws.


Eri Neeman opened the show with jokes about clubbing, picking up girls, going to Holy Angel University and a pick-up line so original, you need to hear it from his own mouth to truly appreciate it. DLSU alumni Red Ollero was up next and he was on his game from the get-go. Being a huge comedy nerd, I have heard every kind of fat joke there ever was, but Red’s unique spin on it is so refreshing and funny that you feel like you were physically present in every story he says. GB Labrador closed the first half with tips on living in a tough neighborhood, advantages of being colonized by three countries, and looking forward to a new generation of senior citizens. The first 3 comedians “killed”, a term in the stand-up comedy business, which means they did very, very, VERY well. After a brief intermission, wherein Eri and Red gave away some prizes from Ever Bilena and Red Bull, a local beat box group entertained the crowd.

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James Caraan opened the second half. Usually starting a show from a break is tough, as the flow of the show is interrupted, and it is very difficult to get through to the audience, and get them to laugh again. But James Caraan is no usual comedian. He got everyone laughing from the first joke, it almost seemed like there was no break at all. Talking about the 90s: the games, the TV shows, and the brownouts. It was all very nostalgic, but more importantly, it was very funny. Victor Anastacio followed soon after, and the Jack TV Laffapalooza Champion did not disappoint. With jokes about talking dogs, enrolling in a very “challenging triathlon”, and being the only comedian in a family of Doctors and Lawyers, the crowd was entertained from beginning to end of his set. Saving the best for last, Alex Calleja entered the stage with the confidence of hired assassin. And this is exactly what he did, as he absolutely slayed everyone with laughter. Being a writer for “Umagang Kay Ganda”, “Showtime” and “Usapang Lalake”, Alex definitely knows what funny is, and DLSU found this out immediately. With hilarious bits on Zombies, finding your way around Manila, and dealing with his kids, no topic was off limits.

Standing Ovation UCOCDLSU

When the show was over, Alex welcomed everyone back on stage and this was when the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium rose to their feet and gave them a standing ovation: A fitting end to a wonderful night. As some people headed for the exit, more people stormed the stage to take pictures with the future superstars of Pinoy Stand-Up Comedy.

 La Salle

A quick search through Twitter with hash tags “#UCOCDLSU” and “#ComedyManila” reveals how very appreciative the students and faculty of DLSU were. Some of them ironically complaining about how much their stomachs and jaws were hurting from all the laughs. Less than an hour after the first one ended, some were already looking forward to a part 2. But most of them were thankful for the stress reliever that the comedians provided. Members of Comedy Manila revealed that there were plenty of inquiries regarding future shows on their Facebook page.


The next stop for Comedy Manila is the University of the Philippines. “We are planning to go to Ateneo and UST, then the other colleges and universities, “ Comedy Manila founder Eri Neeman, told us. “And, if anybody is interested in trying out our style of stand-up comedy, they can join us at our Open Mic (amateur) nights.”


 For details on this, interested parties can send a message on their official Facebook page at Facebook.com/ComedyManila


If there was any doubt that Comedy Manila was out to change comedy in the country, those doubts were most definitely squashed during this amazing show. Just ask the audience at DLSU, but give them a couple of minutes; some of them are still laughing.

By Mike Saddi


DLSU stands up for the Pinoy Stand-Up Comedy Revolution

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