DLSU Frosh Welcoming 2K16

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          Freshmen are welcomed each year into the university. This time around, we will welcome them with great excitement and enthusiasm as we encourage them to get moving— get their shoes on, step outside and explore the beginning of an exciting collegiate chapter.


The Frosh Welcoming will be held on September 5 to 6 at the De La Salle University Manila. It aims to provide excellence in creating an avenue for the exposure of the different university accredited organizations under the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) to the members of the Lasallian Community.


The Council of Student Organizations is a world-class student organization committed to delivering quality services and activities and to developing proactive and dynamic student leaders befitting the standards of a world-class research University. Driven by the ideals of the Lasallian mission, they work arduously to feed the needs of the students and ultimately promote the growth of their potentials.


Through this event, Lasallians become aware of the advantages of joining CSO organizations and entice them with the promise of being molded into better, more experienced individuals. The event assembles highly competent student-leaders and officers of the different Lasallian Organizations to create an avenue for the different associations of the university to welcome the new members of the Lasallian community as well as the new members of the various organizations’ family.