DLSU-D Students Respond: “Taga DLSU-D Ka Kapag…”

Written by Remalyn Estuesta

Students all have their own unique experiences inside their schools. Something that is utterly special; something only them would understand about their own campuses. Things that, when you hear or read about somewhere, you immediately knowit’s from your school.

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As for DLSU-D, my university, here are 10 unique things only students from my campus would understand. Taga DLSU-D ka kapag…

10. You are very proud of your National Bookstore.


9. When this has happened to you. (Sad life, guys.)


8. If you have discovered this sorcery.


I was tricked by this when I was a freshman. I wounded up in the 5th floor because I thought it was the 3rd floor. Very deceptive.

7. If you were bored enough to actually count this.


It’s 13. (Or is it 12???)

6. When you’re proud of this fact.


From Gate 1 to Gate 3. It’s so freakin’ hot kasi.

5. When you’ve had unsavory stuff in your meal from Mila’s.


You haven’t fully had the DLSU-D experience if this hasn’t happened to you.

4. When you’ve been ghosted. (The real kind.)


One of the many horror stories on campus. Never witnessed this myself. (Thank God!)

3. When Ikot La Salle have left you high and dry.


2. When you’ve had this ultimate struggle.


Deadlines are coming up and you can’t afford to sleep at home. So you catch some Zzzs in the commons area in the library.

1. When you’ve counted the seconds until you can actually breathe again.


What’s the school experience from your campus? Share your every own campus story by commenting below with “Taga-(name of school) ka kapag…” Game!