On its 34th year of showcasing Passion In Excellence, Business Management Society continues to shape the holistic growth of our dedicated members through our four pillars: academic excellence, personal development, social responsibility, and organizational innovation. 

Bringing into light the contemporary issues that society chooses to neglect, the Business Management Society proudly presents its very first online flagship event, E-llusion. With the sub themes of Think No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, this event explores the theme of Social Consciousness and how a lack of it in our society today may prove to be detrimental to humanity’s progress. Each sub-theme consists of two stories and exposes participants to the horrors of reality.

E-llusion aims to immerse the participants with the existing struggles and problems individuals are facing in our country, especially during this pandemic. The event is an online thriller escape room that will not just test one’s courage and wit, but also transcends boundaries in such a way that you get to experience fighting these horrors right in front of your very own screens. This experience will allow participants to open their eyes to the real issues and therefore increase their consciousness to reality by not allowing themselves to be blinded by oppression and become more understanding of other people.

Business Management Society’s E-llusion will be held from September 4-5, 2020 via Zoom Conference Call. E-llusion is a fundraising event, thus, all proceeds gained from this event will go to the Business Management Society’s beneficiary, Jaime Hilario Integrated School – La Salle, Bagac, Bataan

The event is open for external donations and the following details are below:

Pay to the DLSU BDO account:

Bank: BDO Unibank Inc. (BDO)

Account Name: De La Salle University, Inc.

Account Number: 004588008272

Please note the following on the deposit slip or include it as a message when depositing online: BMS Ellusion

To know more about E-llusion, you may check the event’s Facebook page and wesbite at https://www.facebook.com/ellusion.bms


For interested participants, you may pre-register through this link:


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