DLSU BLAZE2022 Batch Government Launches BEYOND BLAZE: Leaders of Our Generation

Written by Kathrina Duyan & Paolo Matalicia

This coming November 16 to December 12, 2020, BLAZE2022, a batch government for the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business in De La Salle University-Manila will launch a new event entitled BEYOND BLAZE: Leaders of Our Generation A.K.A. Beyond Blaze. Tackling on different fields of leadership through a series of webinars (web seminars), workshops, and a concluding competition, BLAZE2022 intends to be an avenue to empower students into realizing that leadership does not end with merely a position or a label but goes beyond it. 

With the aim of maximizing skills, capabilities, and talents in serving the Lasallian community, the overall theme of the event is centered on blazing through different fields of leadership. In the face of global disruptions, the demand for effective leadership awakens a vital need for upright systems, progress, and loss-reduction. With Beyond Blaze, we will uncover the potentials that await and be a guide to hone your leadership skills and discover new talents, in the hopes of building resilient and responsive leaders for tomorrow. 

Beyond Blaze will address four main branches of leadership every week. The first of this 4-week long event will focus on Advocacy Leadership that will shed light on the importance of aligning one’s leadership to address the concerns of society in order to create a more inclusive and progressive community. For its second week, the event will dive into Leadership in Politics. The theme intends to get a glimpse of how political systems work and its effects on our own locality. The third week will tackle Leadership in Media, which will focus on the importance of media as a tool and how it can be utilized for the betterment of society — especially given the recent changes in society. The last theme for the event is Business Leadership, which aims to inspire and spark innovation to the future leaders of our generation on how to be a great pioneer of change in each of our own respective fields in business. 

Although there are four themes that may tackle different branches of leadership, each serves to provide diverse opportunities to ignite excellence among students. BLAZE2022 intends to make a mark with its vision to “Maximize Potential for an Excellence-Driven BLAZE2022.” As future Lasallian Business Leaders, we should strive for excellence that brings each other up and leaves no one behind and exemplify the zeal for service and passion for change. 

BEYOND BLAZE: Leaders of Our Generation is led by project heads Chikara Jane Grijaldo, Joshua Piollo Sta. Ana, and Thomas Ivan Anape with the support of the central committee of Beyond Blaze.

It is now time for us to go up and beyond, so buckle up as we bring you a series of exciting webinars and thrilling activities! 

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