DLS-CSB’s Final Technical Theater Batch Presents “Paglayang Minamahal” On November 12-15

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The Technical Theater Batch 112 of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde presents PAGLAYANG MINAMAHAL, written and directed by George De Jesus III with new and exciting music by Jeff Hernandez. The production is set to open on November 12, 2015 at the SDA Theater of Benilde, 5th Floor SDA Campus.

Paglayang Minamahal is a three-act sarsuela about the love between a young barrio lass and a rich ilustrado set during the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution. Exploring the many levels and facets of love and freedom, the play inverts the traditional sarsuela by protecting the relationship of Alodia and Mauricio from any satanic inclination, promises forever to each other in the middle of endeavor of the nation for their freedom.

It was written by George De Jesus III, and its music was originally by Jesse Lucas. The sarswela was the 2nd Prize Winner in the National Centennial Literary Competition – Sarswela Division in 1998.

“The whole story involves the 1896 Revolution which was the required theme for the contest,” George notes. “Of course, the form is the sarswela. This is usual of a sarswela – the love story, but set against the backdrop of the Philippine Revolution. This is the very basic premise of Paglayang Minamahal.

“It was first staged at the Tanghalang Pilipino at the CCP, directed by Chris Millado with music by Jesse Lucas. There were so many changes in that production from the first draft of the script. Mainly, the production became more sung-through, which made it lose a bit of the sarswela quality as it was written.

“This run is a combination of that first run – a bit of a shortened version – and I brought back some of the lines that were edited out of that run. So what we’re trying to achieve here is to really bring back the form of the sarswela. Even during the rehearsals and the use of backdrops, costumes and everything, we’re really trying to push the sarswela form.

“But at the same time, since this is a Technical Theater thesis production, we wanted to put in some theater magic. Our peg is more modern in order to showcase the capabilities of the students in technical theater. So there’s a certain shift with how it’s going to be staged: from the traditional form to all these theatrical elements and technical stuff that we’re trying to do to modernize it.”

The Technical Theater program of DLS-CSB trains its students in the art of theater-making through the different technical fields of production, including Production Management, Stage Management, Technical Direction, and Lighting Design. As the school makes room for the new Theater Arts course, a program that accommodates the students’ desire to perform as well as the production side, this year’s batch of Technical Theater students becomes its last. And so, the students, as well as the school administrators, want the program to go out with a bang.

Portraying the Lead Roles of Paglayang Minamahal are Natasha Cabrera (Alodia), Jojo Riguerra (Mauricio), KL Dizon (Carmela), and Kevin Posadas (Joselito).

The Supporting Cast includes Ruth Alferez and Ronah Rostata (Francisca), Brylle Mondejar (Pascual), Ron Biñas and Joshua Tayco (Timoteo), Bea Ramos and Denise Nayve (Lucia), Mia Bolaños (Doña Maura), and Joel Saracho (Don Felipe).

The Artistic Team of Paglayang Minamahal are George De Jesus III (Writer and Director), Jeff Hernandez (Composer/Musical Director), Christine Crame (Choreographer), Tsung Han Lu and Soo Min Choi (Lighting Designers).

The Production Team is composed of Franco Joaquin Ramos (Production Manager), Ann Shema Lamiao and Neil Bengzon (Production Managers for Marketing), Torj Toreja, Anne’l Fernandez, Same Manere, and Nikki Nuarin (Stage Managers), Jasper Velarde and Cyrone Gallo (Technical Directors).

The VENUE and PERFORMANCE SCHEDULES of Paglayang Minamahal are as follows:

SDA THEATER, 5th Floor SDA Building, De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde

Pablo Ocampo Street, MANILA


NOVEMBER 13 – 1PM and 7PM

NOVEMBER 14 – 1PM and 7PM


For more information or booking reservations, please call or text

SHEMA LAMIAO at 0905 452 2858 or

FRANCO RAMOS at 0917 502 5909

Connect to PAGLAYANG MINAMAHAL through the following social media networks:

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/PaglayaBENILDE

TWITTER: twitter.com/PaglayaBENILDE

INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/PaglayaBENILDE

See you at the show!

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