Disney Just Tried To Hide The Millennium Falcon — But It’s On Google Maps

There’s been kind of a “Where’s Waldo?” situation going on between Lucasfilm/Disney and Star Wars fans, concerning the Millennium Falcon in particular. Since the iconic ship’s return in the revival of the Star Wars films, Star Wars aficionados have searched far, far away for the Falcon in a Twitter game called “Find the Falcon”, revealing its location on social media.

And while Disney and Lucasfilm have so far succeeded in concealing them from the public’s eye, as it turns out, all it took was a Google Maps search to find it!

According to reports, Kevin Beaumont of Britain was able to spot the disguised ship near Longcross Studios outside of London, using Google Maps. As seen in the photo, Disney hid the Falcon with sheeting and tucked the beloved “hunk of junk” behind a ring of shipping containers. It seems that for the most part, they’ve succeeded in shielding the Millennium Falcon from fans’ (and the Imperial troops’!) eyes, until now.

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