DISCUSS: Whose Project Is It Really and Does It Matter?

Have you noticed that if it’s a wrong decision that leads to a problem, people in position start pointing fingers? Take for example the Mamasapano clash that took the lives of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) members. Another is the “Laglag Bala Scam” in the airports. Have these been solved yet?

So, it’s quite expected that when it comes to “not doing their jobs properly,” people in position make it a point that they also point fingers. They even take the time to put up a signboard about it. But does it matter?

Take a look at this photo sent to us by Ron Bernardino.

Mandaluyong DPWH

According to Bernardino, this signboard is located in an open canal in Hulo, Mandaluyong City.

He supposed that it is an anti-flooding and drainage clearing project by the DPWH that started in 2012. The affected areas include Maysilo Circle and B. Francisco St. in Mandaluyong City.

He added, “Ironically, there is flooding in the area even though it isn’t raining. Area stinks.”

He also mentioned, “Aside from the stench, business has gone bad in the area that shops have closed down due to traffic.”

According to news reports, this anti-flooding project is being handled by the DPWH. Ironically, it causes flooding, which has severe effects each passing day.

To address this, Mandaluyong City Mayor Benjamin “Benhur” Abalos Jr. even sent a letter to DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson dated Jan. 29, 2016. Mayor Abalos said, “The flooding gets worse with each passing day. After a more than a couple of years already, the people of Mandaluyong expect to see and experience a certain level of ease and reassurance to say the least. The affected major roads have long been rendered useless and impassable – traffic has gone unbearable.”

The mayor also said in the letter, “Many business establishments have already shut down due to record-low sales as few more plan to do the same. The perils of the stagnant water becoming the breeding ground for life threatening diseases have immediately contributed to the rise of dengue patients in our local hospitals with the direct impact on our children. We need not enumerate and expound on this matter any further as it is obvious.”

What are the updates on this project?

Does it matter whose project it is if it hasn’t been finished yet for the last couple of years?

Have you seen this signboard and the area where the project is done? How is it now? How do you feel about it?