Discuss: Body Odor Test to be Implemented on PUV Drivers?


Pinoys are known for having good hygiene. We are known for taking a bath on a daily basis because we sweat a lot living in this hot tropical country.

The hot temperature gets us sweating a lot especially if we spend a lot of time outside. Public utilitity vehicle (PUV) are exposed to this so, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) are monitoring the grooming of PUV drivers.

In addition to ensuring that PUV drivers look good, they are considering on integrating a body odor test to monitor that the drivers also smell good.

According to a news post from GMANews.com, the rules also require drivers of PUV units to be presentable.

The body odor test came in light of how an Indonesian company screens applicants, including a body odor test. According to the post:

Applicants are made to stand in front of an electric fan with their arms stretched to their sides. A staff member would then smell and judge whether they just smell of sweat or they have body odor.

A stiff fine will be collected from violators.

What do you think of the body odor test? Just right or a bit too much?