Discovery Self Mastery Seminar by I AM + LIMITLESS: THE Workshop that will Help You Finally MOVE ON and Level-up in Life.

Attending the Discovery Self Mastery Seminar by I AM + LIMITLESS was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far. As much as I’d like to tell you all the details…. hmmm nah. I don’t want to spoil the awesome surprises. I’ll give you this teaser instead. =)

I’m writing this blog entry with a soul filled with peace and a heart beaming with gladness a month after attending the Discovery Self Mastery Seminar by I AM + LIMITLESS. I still can’t believe it turned out to be one of the most enlightening experiences in my adult life. You see, I used to hate seminars especially if attended by many, as I’m not comfortable being with many people. The reason why I said yes, was because it was an invitation by a trusted friend who is also into spirituality and energy healing. She told me she attended this same seminar when she was 19 and made a huge impact in her life ever since because it helped her overcome her limiting beliefs. Overcome my limiting beliefs? OK fine, I’m in! You see, I was in a “fog” the past months. I was physically stressed and mentally drained. I wasn’t aligned with the love and abundance frequencies I used to flow with. I knew in my heart, I needed help to release and resolve issues so can have more space for blessings again.

At first, I thought it was just another boring seminar,  but no. I love how everything was well executed and the speakers were like level 99 awesome! I was also surprised to see over 60 people in the room…. I actually wanted to run home because I thought it was one of those networking thingies. hehehe Good thing it wasn’t. During the 2 day course, we only focused on ourselves, no business talk whatsoever. So if ever you decide to join (which I highly recommend), I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

The 2-day seminar was filled with interactive and interesting activities. Here you’ll learn more and more about yourself… like why you do certain things, as well as why you keep attracting certain unpleasant situations. You will be able to identify/recognize and release mental blockages and negative beliefs that have hindered you all along from moving-on or progressing in life.

Personally, for me, the most important gift I received from this journey was self-reconciliation… that was immediately followed by finally reconciling with my mom and dad. It was truly priceless. Hurts and emotional baggage were lifted … leaving me with more space for love and blessings.

mom issues finally HEALED.

A month after my Discovery seminar, I still feel great. I feel good as new. I wake up feeling at peace, excited and grateful. Blessings, opportunities, ideas and inspiration keep on flowing. I do not feel any resentments or anger towards my parents anymore. Finally, I’m at peace.  Now, I would like to learn more, be coached, be guided and share the love and blessings which flows through me. It truly is great to just be yourself!

I know this article would not really justify how happy I am right now, so I made this video testimonial (1 take lang kaya long) for you to know more about my story…

So yeah, if you are going through difficult times, may it be a break-up, financial problems, anxiety, depression, or feeling stuck etc, I’m sure this Discovery class by I AM + LIMITLESS is what you need, if you want a major shift to happen in your life. =)

I’d also like to thank the wonderful people who made this event possible. To Coach Russ, Coach Max, the staffers and to my good friends, Kathi and Jericho (thank you for the photos!) of Coaching Happiness for introducing me to I AM + LIMITLESS.

The Discovery Self Mastery Workshop happens every month and costs around 10k, but they do give early bird rates as low as 7.5k.

Visit for more info =)

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