Discover Yourself with GO! Volunteer Expo 2019

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Volunteering is a selfless act. But it’s never just about giving. We also discover much about ourselves as we go through the journey of volunteering. It’s just one of the many things you can learn in the much-anticipated return of GO! Volunteer Expo this April.

Last held in 2016, #GOVolunteer is coming back to where it all started, at Glorietta Activity Center on April 6 & 7. This time, iVolunteer Philippines is making it an even bigger event that will celebrate everyday Filipino heroes and the timeless act of giving back.

iVolunteer believes that when given the opportunity, Filipinos are always willing to answer the call for help. However, many individuals who are looking to volunteer aren’t always all that confident with what they can do or are not sure where to offer their skills.

You might be wondering, what happens to all that good will? Worry not, since GO! Volunteer Expo provides the perfect opportunity to overcome those roadblocks and introduce everyone to volunteering. As a bridge that’s been connecting volunteers to the rightful NGOs and communities for the last 10 years, iVolunteer Philippines will be right there with you as you look to fulfill your calling and help bring change to people’s lives.

What to Look Forward to in Go Volunteer 2019

  • Volunteer Fair – a chance for volunteers to find the NGOs that support their advocacies and learn about volunteering opportunities straight from volunteer leaders.
  • Hero Museum – an exhibit of inspiring #EverydayHero stories that new volunteers can learn from and relate to.
  • Performances from Communities – a showcase of talent by the communities, NGOs, and guest performers who support the campaign of a better Philippines through volunteerism.
  • Inspirational Talks – guest volunteer leaders who will share their stories and insights to inspire everyone to start their own adventure and discover new possibilities.

Why Volunteer?

We naturally have different reasons why we choose to volunteer. We also choose to do it at different times in our lives. However, what we all get out of doing these selfless acts aren’t really that far apart from each other.

Volunteering gives us fresh insights and irreplaceable experiences that we won’t get elsewhere. It helps us discover ourselves socially, emotionally, and psychologically in a unique way. It teaches us how to connect to people, help others, and be more self-aware. It is never easy or glamorous, but it is undeniably beneficial and uplifting.

Be a Partner

iVolunteer Philippines is 100% run by volunteers with full-time jobs! It is a testament that if you want to help, you can always start NOW with what you can offer.  You too and your organisation can contribute to the cause and make the event a success by being a partner. You may visit the Go! Volunteer Expo website to know more.