Discover your True Passions with Passion Play


When In Manila, we can sometimes be overly bombarded with the many things we either want to do or need to do. With the loads and loads of schedules and plans we have in mind, which ones are we really chasing after, which ones are we really passionate about; where exactly is our life taking us? Sometimes it can be really confusing, and that’s where Passion Play comes in.


“ The Passion Play is a 2-day retreat designed for you tap into your inner child to find your passions.”



Remember when we were young, we would always try our best to get whatever we wanted most? We were not afraid, nor did we think of the possible consequences or negative “what ifs”. Well the goal of this retreat is exactly that… to help us rekindle our childhood but mostly to just enjoy and have fun!



Passion Play Batch 1





In partnership with Offbeat Pursuits, we traveled to Liwa, Zambales for an overnight retreat at The Circle Hostel.






The Circle Hostel is not your typical overnight place… well at least not for me. As soon as I first laid eyes on it, I was already thrilled and excited for what’s to come. The walls were all painted with random doodles and quotes, some really simple and others more complicated. The drawings were really cool! The best part about the Circle Hostel is the drawings came from guests, much like ourselves.





It was the perfect place to rekindle the lost childhood. And since they DO allow people to paint their walls, we had our own little painting session too!




I had so much fun doing this! I felt like a little kid who was allowed to paint the walls of our home!



 Passion Play: Taking the Passion Test

The actual sessions for the seminar only lasted around 2-3 hours per day. They did this on purpose to allow attendees to enjoy the place -unlike other seminars wherein you travel far just to attend the seminar and you don’t even get to set foot on the beautiful city.


The Passion Play was led by Passion Test certified facilitator and Sole Sister Lois Yasay. After a particular activity, Lois reminds us:


“In life, you are not just the storyteller, you are the story maker!”


Most often, we just go with the flow and let life take us where it does… we forget though that we CONTROL our lives and we make it into what we want it to be! We create our own destinies!






“If you want something so bad, you’re gonna run into brick walls.” – Randy Pausche


The Passion Play re-sparked my imagination to start thinking of who I am and what I want to be. It reminded me of the questions that I once long ago put aside for whatever reasons. With Lois’ help and her series of activities, I was at least moved to stay longer, to be stronger and to fight harder. We’ll always run into brick walls, but we HAVE to find ways around it, because if we really want something badly, we don’t just give up.


 Passion Play: Surfs Up!

After our workshop, everyone felt eager to check out the waves!  I personally didn’t try surfing ‘coz I can’t swim and I was just too scared, but the others really had a lot of fun. My co-writer, Ivica Say in fact tried it for the first time and she’s now addicted to it. A new passion perhaps?




It was so much fun just watching them and seeing the expressions on their faces when they were finally able to ride the wave! It was the look of pure joy and excitement, as if not caring for anything else except that specific moment.






Passion Play Yoga Session

Besides surfing, we also got to stretch our muscles and relax our minds through a wonderful yoga session with Ms. Lallaih Catipon and Crow Jullian. The yoga session was both tiring and rejuvenating!





All in all, it was an out of this world experience that will surely leave a big mark on my life and all the future choices I make. So When In Manila and feeling lost on what to do next, try taking the Passion Test and set your priorities straight!







P.S. The next Passion Play will be happening in Cebu from Aug. 11-12! Sign up now!!


Passion play Cebu


PASSION PLAY will be back on the following dates… Sep 22-23, Oct 20-21 and Nov 10-11 2012! Sign up now! Only 10 slots per batch! Please contact 0917-5855512 or email






Special thanks to the following:


Lois Yasay (facilitator)


Rafael Dionisio and Mara Leviste


The Circle Hostel


Yoga instructors:

Lallaih Catipon (Fluid Surf)


Crow Jullian (Power Up Gym and Center Athletika)


Bjorn Pabon (Fluid Surf)