Disconnect From the World and Connect With Yourself In This Yoga Retreat!

Words by Bea Lizarondo Soliman

Photo: SoulSpeak

In this modern age where humans have become more open to sharing their lives on various platforms and information (even the personal ones) about others have become readily accessible to the wider public, there is no denying that connecting with one another has never become easier. Though this interpersonal connection may appear to be a good thing to be considered in a communitarian sense, this type of connection may also lead an individual to become too engrossed with a different world–a world that he or she is not a part of, and this interest of one that is not of one’s own too often leads to an unfortunate feeling of disconnection with oneself. This is a prevalent yet often unattended issue that SoulSpeak has directed their attention to.

Photo: SoulSpeak

SoulSpeak is a yoga organization that aims to serve the community by helping individuals pacify their own minds and re-connect with nature despite living in a modern world that directs them to act otherwise. The organization holds yoga retreats, which are led by experienced teachers and professionals, in Philippine destinations that are remote from the Filipinos’ usual hectic municipalities, confined office cubicles, and other stressful places in order to promote an atmosphere of rest, healing, and self-discovery.

Photo: SoulSpeak

From May 7 to May 11, 2019, SoulSpeak will be holding a mindfulness and yoga retreat in a private island sanctuary called Brother Island, which is located in the beautiful El Nido, Palawan. Participants will have daily mindfulness and yoga sessions, meaningful conversations, and personal meditations in the aim of realigning the personality of the participant to their soul’s purpose. Packages are inclusive of food, accommodations, yoga sessions, excursions in nature, and many more activities. In partnership with Certified Calm, participants will also have access to premium Manduka mats. There may be no better way to spend the summer than by learning how to connect with oneself once again while simultaneously engaging with nature and being in its presence.

Disconnect with the world, and re-connect with yourself this summer with SoulSpeak! To get updates on their upcoming retreats this 2019, follow SoulSpeak on their social media platforms:

Facebook: SoulSpeakYogaRetreats
Instagram: @SoulSpeakYoga


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