Direc Business Technologies helps businesses to be secured against cyber threats!

Direc Business Technologies  Inc. helped more than 50 companies become aware of the proper practices to protect their businesses against cyber threats last February 21, during the Cybersecurity Evolved: How to Stay Safe Against Ransomware Seminar, at the Bayleaf Hotel Cavite.    

The concept of ransomware, a type of malware, is easy to understand: It purposely encrypts and locks your device, computer, or files to demand payment in return for recovering your data. 

Imagine that your files are being captive, imprisoning your essential documents and financial information. In typical cases, you will be asked to pay the cybercriminal in a certain period, or you will bid goodbye to your data forever.

Latest ransomware attacks are targeted to larger groups, businesses, and organizations. As some reports find, the threat is only increasing, specifically in the small-to-mid-sized companies. Honestly, these cyberattacks continue to evolve, being faster than ever, and expensive at every stage.

Ransomware is a popular cybercrime business, and it’s hard to stop, which is why Direc Business Technologies is running a series of workshops urging businesses and organizations to be mindful of the new threat. 

“It is an exciting seminar, I’ve learned a lot on how to protect the security of our data and improve our firewall as well,” stated by one of the participants in his over-all evaluation of the seminar. 

“Very generous company, with strong IT solutions capability,” one of the attendees added.

The Cybersecurity Evolved: How to Stay Safe Against Ransomware campaign is not over, believing that being aware is the first step that must be done to be protected.  If you want to conduct a seminar in your area, get in touch with Juliana Carisle Matias on 0917 170 4444 or juliana.matias@direcbusiness.com

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