Digital Marketing Plan Online Course Intro Class through E-Learning Edge Seminars


When In Manila, learning Digital Marketing is the next big thing and the option to learn it from the comfort of your own home gives you all the more reason to take it. If however you still are unsure if you wanted to take it then here are some things I learned during the first face to face session for my Digital Marketing Plan online course.


Businesses nowadays have a very great tool to reach people with the internet, it costs a whole lot less than traditional media and yet it does have greater and more targeted reach. However, making it work for you requires knowledge lots of it. I mean, even established brands are having trouble with digital marketing what more with start-ups which a lot of the participants are.


On the first class, which is also the  face to face session, we learned lots of things as fellow attendees share their dilemmas and struggles with digital marketing. Thankfully our instructor had insightful responses that could address to their problems. Apart from giving advice she showed us some of her valuable experience when tackling those similar or problems she showed in her slides.


The face to face session was a great starting point to the program, as it gave us valuable connections and a lot of information about what should or should not be done in digital marketing. This also gave us a good overview on what to expect through the course and allowed us to see real life problems that others are encountering while using digital marketing.


We’ll be writing a further review of the entire online course after we take it so stay tuned for that! But for now, here’s more info about this E-Learning Edge Online Classes I’m taking about: “Digital Marketing Plans”  and the syllabus 



Digital Marketing Plan Online Course Intro Class through E-Learning Edge Seminars schedule



ScheduleSeptember 28 – October 12, 2012
Regular RateP9500+VAT
Early Bird RateP7800+VAT (if you pay up to two weeks before the course starts)

Today the ascent of digital marketing as a key medium being consumed across the world and across the country is simply phenomenal. We see its consumption going beyond the normal boundaries of geography and time. We truly see the power shifting from advertiser to consumer. Advertisers no longer have the sole control over the marketing of brands. Consumers have started to speak their minds about brands, companies, having a major hand as to what, when and where they can be spoken to by advertisers.

Introduction to Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing?
The Digital Marketer
Role of Technology


Digital Marketing Terminologies


Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Digital Marketing Format – Website
Digital Marketing Format – Search
Digital Marketing Format – Email
Digital Marketing Format – Social Media
Digital Marketing Format – Mobile
2011 Case Study on Digital Media Presence of Brands (Asia)


Digital Marketing Functions


Mix and Funnel
Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
PR Machinery and IMC


Is your brand ready for Digital Marketing?

How digitally healthy is your brand?


Digital Marketing Planning


Planning the Platform

Knowing Your Consumer

Creating the Platform
Publicizing Your Platform
Analysis and Optimization


The Marketing Brief


Digital Marketing Planning Framework Applied



 Digital Marketing Plan Online Course Intro Class through E-Learning Edge Seminars comparison



When In Manila be sure to check out our review of the things we learned for the digital marketing plan when we’re through with this course. Tune in here or follow us on Twitter @WhenInManila for updates. 

Digital Marketing Plan Course

 Digital Marketing Plan Online Course Intro Class through E-Learning Edge Seminars



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