Over the years, technology has increased its influence on every aspect of our lives. To no one’s surprise, this era of constant innovation has also dictated business behavior. The upswing in the use of digital media has contributed to a variety of ways we analyze, process and disseminate information. That is why understanding the digital landscape is essential for every student, marketer, educator and entrepreneur to learn about.

This coming October, First Academy of Computer Arts offers a workshop, entitled DIGITAL MARKETING MADE EASY, that will help participants to learn, appreciate and understand Digital Marketing and the crucial factors that determine a successful digital campaign. Topics include Defining Digital Marketing, Crafting your story, Creative Visuals, and the Power of Ads (Social Media, Google, etc ). This workshop is open to students, marketers, real estate agents, salesmen, educators, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn about Digital marketing!

In today’s age, where everything is digital and very visual, to get the attention of your audience and get you message across, you need to present your story, case study, product in an engaging way usually in visual form.

Workshop Fee:

P1,300         Students
P1,500        Early Bird       ( until Oct 1, 2016 )
P2,500         Regular Rate

Workshop Includes:
* Certificate of Attendance
* Discount Vouchers and freebies from First Academy of Computer Arts
* Snacks

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