Did you know not everyone thinks with a voice in their head?

As someone who’s been the abstract, non-verbal thought kind of person, I always thought that those inner monologues in TV and films were just charming little metaphors for thinking. I don’t hear myself talking when I’m thinking, I just think of non-verbal thoughts, not some sort of podcast that’s going on forever. When I read this tweet, I was surprised to learn that people did actually have running commentary all day–and I couldn’t imagine it at all.

I tried and ended up having to speak out loud because it felt so alien to me. How do people hear their own voice all day? Every moment? I couldn’t. You know when you hate hearing your voice in a video? I can’t imagine 24/7.

I started asking around and most people I knew did have their own internal monologues, which confused me even more. I couldn’t even concentrate on anything if that were the case–and I already have a difficult time concentrating in general. I can’t imagine having to hear talking all the time in my head.

But for most people, apparently, this is the reality. They do have a running internal monologue that accompanies them throughout their day like they are in a show or a movie. And this voice practically narrates their day or is a stream of consciousness that is fully aware that it’s talking. And that’s amazing to me.

Were you aware of this? If so, which one are you?

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