Did You Just Lose a White Dog?

Gj Amoroso was on his way home with a friend when he saw a white dog running to and fro on the center island along Quezon Avenue. Fearful for the dog, he patiently worked on getting its trust so he can rescue it and bring it home.

The dog has white fur and is medium-sized. Gj speculates that it could be a Spitz mixed with Samoyed or ChowChow.

Here is his account:

Hi guys, pauwi ako kanina kasama si Jessa Marie ng may makita kaming aso na patakbo takbo sa center island along quezon ave. Ni rescue ko dahil natatakot ako baka masagasaan. Nakita namin sya tumatakbo banda sa sa center island tapat ng cotton on (u turn sa may pantranco) at mukha syang nawawala. Umuulan kaya nakakaawa kaya nag tyaga talaga ako kunin trust nya at sumama naman sya.


I was on my way home with Jessa Marie when we saw a dog running to and from on the center island along Quezon Avenue. I went and got it because I was afraid it might get hit by a car. The location of where we saw it was on the center island across Cotton On (u-turn near Pantranco). the dog looked like it was lost. It was raining and I felt sorry for the dog so I did my best to gain its trust. It went with me willingly.

rescued white lost dog

Mukha po syang malungkot kaya sana tulungan nyo kami makita ang may ari sa kanya. Mabango pa ung ibang parte ng katawan nya ibig sabihin bago pa lang sya naka wala. Sana naman ay hindi ito iniligaw.



It looked sad. I hope you can help us locate its owners. The dog didn’t smell. It’s possible it had just gotten away. I hope it was not abandoned. 

rescued white lost dog

The rescuer gave the dog a bath and fed it. It will stay with him until its pet parents are found. Gj will screen those who introduce themselves as the owners of the dog. They have to be able to provide proof of ownership, such as vet certificates and pictures.

Is this your dog? You may contact the rescuer Gj Amoroso on Facebook.