Diamond Peel and Facial at the Facial Care Centre

When In Manila and you’re looking for a way to bring back that radiant glow, visit the Facial Care Center and avail one of their treatments.


After attending their anniversary a month ago and seeing all the stunning ladies, I just knew I had to try one of Facial Care Centre’s services.


I’m 26 years old and I’ve never had an actual facial before. I think my GRANDMA brought me to this cheap place when I was around 12 but they didn’t really do anything to my face, it was more of a little massage. So technically, my facial and diamond peel at Facial Care Centre would be my first… but definitely not my last!


Facial Care Center

 Facial Care Centre: The Venue

The venue was the typical facials center, however, there was something about it… the aura, or probably the positive energy from the people around that somehow made it all the more relaxing. Everyone was very friendly and I was also immediately offered some water or tea. I felt like a princess going to my “pampering” session.


Facial Care Centre: Facial and Diamond Peel

The facial itself was very relaxing. Though my pimples were being popped (heehee), I actually didn’t feel any pain. In fact, I still managed to fall asleep! The diamond peel especially was super duper soothing! I felt like my face was being massaged slowly and deeply. I didn’t want it to end. I was in paradise!


Facial Care Centre: Results

After the session ended, I somehow felt all clean and pretty. My face was “cool” or in tagalog, “PRESKO!” It was like it’s been washed for the first time in ages. I couldn’t really see any change when I faced the mirror, but deep down, I felt different. Thanks Facial Care Centre!


Book your next facial with the Facial Care Centre too! I swear you won’t regret it.



Facial Care Centre has multiple branches around the metro, call and find out which is nearest to you!

Call 892-SKIN (7546) for a free consultation

or visit http://www.facialcarecentre.com.ph for more info

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