Deuter Bags: Get a Bag Fit for Your Lifestyle

Deuter Bags: Get a Bag Fit for Your Lifestyle

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If you’re a weekend warrior like me, then you can probably relate to the #packingproblems whenever a weekend getaway is at bay.  You have a different bag for your daily use and another one for your weekend escapes — well, When In Manila, get a bag that will fit your lifestyle and I highly recommend Deuter Bags.


I’ve been familiar with Deuter bags as they were highly recommended by travelers but it wasn’t until Deuter opened their first concept store in SM MOA when I found out that Deuter is not just a backpack brand but they actually offer a wide range of bags fit for various lifestyles. 


The Deuter company was founded by Hans Deuter in 1898, making it one of the oldest backpack manufacturers in the world. One of Deuter’s secrets to success is its close cooperation with professional athletes. They specialize in Hiking, Treking, Bike backpacks etc., and provide the best fitting backpack to be your partner on your adventures.


And with that, they meant your everyday adventures. So I was a little elated when I get to visit their concept store and get myself a bag (or two…maybe three, hehe) that will be perfect for my young professional-slash-weekend-warrior lifestyle.


The Deuter Concept Store is located at the 2nd Level North Entertainment SM Mall of Asia. Look at that backpack!



I like backpacks so just imagine my elation when I entered the store and be surrounded by these. So. Many. Bags. And I love how they have bags for kids (in cute designs), for the girly girls, for those who likes a little bit of color and the classic ones.


With the help of their awesome staff, they gave me recommendations of what might be the perfect bag(s) for me and fit for my needs. Thank you, guys!

Here are the Deuter bags that I got to take home with me!


The Deuter GoGo backpack for my everyday grind. I commute to and fro everyday so a sturdy and reliable backpack is just perfect.


I decided to go with a classic color so it would go well with my work clothes and casual garb. What I like about the GoGo backpack is that it is also great for weekend travels, it makes a weekend warrior’s life easier. Easy to switch from your daily pack to your weekend rucksack. 

Deuter backpacks are well-made and of the highest quality, you can really say that you will get your money’s worth when you decide to invest on one.



The Deuter GoGo and Giga backpacks


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Next up is the Deuter Giga backpack, this one is for those long travels or for trips wherein I need to bring my work with me. I got the Anthracite Dreamland design because I can’t deny that it’s pretty eye-catching!



The laptop compartment easily fits my 15.6″ laptop and it’s a real plus. No need for me to lug around a separate bag for it. All my travel + work essentials fit nicely into the Giga.


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Deuter employs the Deuter Airstripes Back System on their some of their backpacks which I find really cool.


The Airstripes back system has the following features:

1) MeshTex shoulder straps which are anatomically formed so they can guarantee comfortable movement range.

We all know how sweaty our backs could get when we’re lugging our backpacks around so this next feature is just one of the greatest things.

2) Two contour-shaped layers of knobbly foam with AirMesh lining and minimal back contact provide maximum airflow. 

3) Flexible aluminium stays within the foam profile can be bent to fit the back exactly.

4) The bilaminate construction made from one soft and one firm layer of foam provides excellent carry comfort and optimum load distribution.

Awesome, right?



Ready for an adventure! Where should our first destination be, Giga? 


And my last haul from my Deuter concept store trip would be this Deuter Trendline Hopper Duffle bag in Blue Arrowcheck. You might ask why the duffle bag…


I chose this one as a motivation. Yep, as a gym bag! I’m “trying” to get fit so this is a good reminder for me to get up and get going.

Who wouldn’t be motivated if you have a nice bag with you, right?



Two thumbs up for the large compartments! This is perfect when I decide to go break a sweat after work.

So When In Manila, get a bag that is perfect for your lifestyle (and a sturdy one when you’re at it!) — I highly recommend Deuter bags! They have lots of choices to pick from, so it wouldn’t be hard to find one that will match your lifestyle. Go check out the Deuter Concept Store now!



Deuter Philippines

2nd Level North Entertainment SM Mall of Asia

Phone: +632 9251578; 925 2391





Deuter Bags: Get a Bag Fit for Your Lifestyle


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