Despite the Fear of Dental Surgery, Patients Love This Dentist and Her Work

Without a doubt, oral surgery is a scary and complicated thing. In fact, anything related to a visit to a dentist can be quite scary. However, what you need to remember is that our oral health and oral hygiene doesn’t only affect our teeth. It also affects our jaw bones and gums.

The recession of bone and gums are a natural effect of aging, but certain conditions can make this occur faster that it normally should. The most common of these conditions are tooth loss. Basically, if a lost tooth is left unreplaced, or even multiple teeth, a lot of things could go wrong.

The jaw bone is preserved by the pressure and stimulus of chewing. In the first year after extraction, 25% of the bone is lost, and this keeps going. While dentures can lessen bone loss, one of the best forms of replacement of missing teeth would be dental implants, which is considered to be a surgical procedure since it replaces the roots of the teeth.

Another condition is chronic periodontitis. In this case, bacteria gradually eats away on the underlying jawbone and the periodontal ligaments that connect the teeth to the bones. Other causes include misaligned teeth, infections, and large tumors in the face.

If the thought of dental surgery scares you, then you might want to visit Dr. Far at Fashion Smile. Dr. Far says she works as conservatively as possible. “I also discuss the procedure step by step, and try to relate emotionally with my patients as much as possible,” she adds.

“I make sure to listen to their their desired outcome and manage expectations prior to the start of the procedure.” Dr. Far also makes herself available during their healing process, which is a very important part of any type of surgery.

Dr. Far always takes a lot of time before the surgery, especially for patients who need it, so that they are emotionally ready before it even begins. “In my field, it is important to stay updated with new techniques and technologies, as well,” she explains. “There are many advancements to make procedures less traumatic and that offer faster recovery.”

Carlos Agassi happens to be one of Dr. Far’s patients and he says he appreciates feeling safe and secure under her care, as well as the feeling that he is in good hands. “I was never comfortable with doctors and dentists until now,” he admits. ” With Dr. Far and Dr. Shideh at Fashion Smile, it’s the best feeling.”

20-year-old Anna, who had already lost all of her upper teeth because of wrong decisions and uncaring dentists, needed an urgent implant and some surgery. Despite being scared because of past procedures, Anna pushed through with the implant. “I was very scared of my first bone graft because I did my research and watched some YouTube videos of the procedure,” Anna shares. “It terrified me. However, the surgery was not what I had expected. It didn’t hurt at all. In fact, I’m more confident to undergo more surgeries now.”

Anna adds that even if it felt like it was too late, she is happy that she is now in good hands. You can be in good hands now, too. Just finish Dr. Far at Fashion Smile.

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