Desperate Pet Mom is Offering 10 Thousand Pesos for the Return of Her Dog

What will you feel if you lose a family member? It will be devastating, I’m sure. But if there is a chance to get her back, won’t you move heaven and earth to get her back safe in your arms again? This must be what Karen Wangs is now feeling. Last January 14, Enchantress, her beloved dog, her baby, went missing from her Pampanga house. She must have slipped past the gate when it opened for the car to go through.

Enchantress is a Shih Tzu, weighing around 6 kilos. Karen says they had just had her shaved (as seen in the photo below). Around her neck is a heart-shaped necklace on which her name and Karen’s number are engraved. A distinguishing characteristic is a wound on the left side of her face, just under the eye.


Enchantress, 6-year old Shih Tzu, was last seen last seen on January 14, 2018 at around 2 pm at Timothy St. Cor. Dona Victoria, Dau, Pampanga. There is a reward of 10,000 pesos. Contact the owner at 09227497541/09750963114 if you have any information.

Since then, Karen had been begging on social media, pleading with the people who found her to return Enchantress to her. She is offering a reward of 10,000 pesos to whoever will return her baby to her.

Wala akong pakialam sa pera, kahit 10k plus pa ang reward, pakibalik lang aso ko. Alagang-alaga namin yan. Kitang kita ninyo naman sa picture na malusog na malusog. Tinuring kong sarili kong baby yan, kaya please, pakibalik na po siya, kung sino man po ang kumuha.

(translation) I don’t care about the 10,000-peso reward money, just give me my dog back. She is a cherished dog, as you can see in our pictures. I consider her like my own baby, so please return her to me, whoever you are who has her now.

Karen shared with me that Enchantress is on antibiotic and vitamin supplements right now to treat a uterine infection. She might get sicker if she does not receive her medication.

Sa nakapulot sa kanya, sana mabasa mo ito, halos di na ako makatulog at makakain dahil lagi kong iniisip aso ko. Kung may balak ka pang ibalik siya, pakiusap ibalik mo na siya dahil may sakit siya [at] kailangan niyang uminom ng mga gamot niya. Alam ninyo at mapapansin ninyo na matamlay siya kahit pilitin ninyo pa siyang kumain ay matamlay pa rin siya. Kailangan na kailangan niya nang umuwi, please naman.

(translation) To whoever found her, I hope you read this. I can hardly sleep nor eat from thinking about her. If you have any intention at all of returning her, return her now please because she is sick and needs to take her medication. You will notice that she seems to lack energy, even after you feed her. She needs to go home.


Since posting about Enchantress and the reward money, some terrible people have been trying to take advantage of the situation, texting and messaging Karen to send them the money first before they will return Enchantress. These people, however, were not able to provide any proof that they have her.

Do you have any information about Enchantress? Contact Karen at 09227497541 / 09750963114 or leave her a message thru this link.


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