Department of Coffee: Hang Out Over Amazing Comfort Food And Local Coffee!

When In Manila and you’re out for your usual coffee fix, Department of Coffee REALLY knows their coffee.


In the midst of the whole third wave craze that has different coffee franchises entering the metro and upping the ante from the usual Starbucks frappuccino, the Department of Coffee takes it to a whole other level by bringing out the best from local coffee. A stone’s throw away from the food hub that is Tomas Morato Ave., it should be easy to find Department of Coffee for that much-needed coffee fix.


I myself LOVE coffee— I’m basically addicted to the stuff, and I’m not just talking about your morning 3-in-1 ritual, or heck, even of the fast food variety, so it’s impressive and admirable to see shops such as the Department of Coffee put local coffee front and center! We actually have coffee farms in the Philippines that produce high-quality coffee such as Sagada and Bukidnon, with its flavor easily rivalling those from abroad.

Bring in the sophisticated technique and care that Department of Coffee brings to these local beans and you have an amazing, rich and delightful coffee cup in front of you afterwards. I can just smell the aroma already.


Department of Coffee’s in-house roaster — they roast their own beans themselves to perfection!

The Department of Coffee does their own roasting — they even have their own roasting machine inside the café!— to ensure that the beans come out with the perfect aroma and taste. Over-roast these beans and you’ve already affected its natural flavor profile, which can include different and complex tastes such as fruity and even chocolate-y notes!


The classic latte. We ordered the Sagada roast, a bright, sweet blend with fruity notes.

I’m a sucker for espresso-based concoctions, and my go-to drink will always be a latté: smooth, creamy, without too much foam unlike a cappuccino. Department of Coffee uses, and also supplies, the La Marzocco espresso machine, widely regarded as the best in the market!


As for food to go with their warm cups of coffee, their pizzas, meant to be shared with friends, are always a hit! We got the margherita squid ink pizza, which created an interesting visual look for their pizzas! Pro-tip: go for their handcrafted pasta and pizza, which are authentically Italian!


Their shrimp soft tacos are also one of their bestsellers, with fresh onions and tomatoes and tender shrimp that are cooked just right. We also loved the mango salsa that went with the tacos, a refreshing take!


For dessert, dig into their walnut blueberry pancakes, soft, moist, and fluffy! This was a personal favorite as the pancakes were really dense and moist, while the blueberries on top were fruity and delightful. The walnuts added a welcome crunch to the dish. Be sure to go with a big appetite, as this can get really heavy!


What I also love about the place is its interiors: the warm lights and industrial decor make it conducive for studying, or even just hanging out with friends on a rainy day.


For weekends hanging out with friends over great local coffee and handcrafted Italian dishes, give Department of Coffee a try.

Department of Coffee

87a Don Roces Ave. QC 925-5388 / 374-6194



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