Denise Laurel Reveals She Was ‘Fat-Shamed’ at Work, and This is Her Response

“Someone called me fat at work yesterday!”

This is what 32-year-old singer-actress Denise Laurel shared on her latest Instagram post. But instead of expressing frustration over being shamed about her weight, she decided to write a long piece to teach her followers and haters a lesson on self-love.

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“Someone called me fat at work yesterday! I love that I’m not even trippin’ about it. I love [and] understand me!” she shared on her post. “Yes, I’m curvy! On my normal days [I measure up to] 34c-25-37 (cause [of the] booty) and the abs are poppin’ for no reason. On my best days my waistline gets even smaller. Sometimes if everything is in sync I go back to my 23.5 waist! And I still look fat!”

Denise lamented about the fact that, as a curvy girl, she is always “one wrong angle, one wrong outfit, one burger away from looking fat” and that, in this country, women are always one of two things: “either you are stick thin or [you’re] fat!”

Despite the judgment she faces every day, Denise shakes it all off knowing that the reason why she gets “bloated” is because of the medicines she takes for her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

“I remind myself this medicine I’m taking for my PCOS makes me sleepy, super bloated, makes me hungry gives me zits [and] headaches,” she explained. “When I’m tired I don’t force a workout. If I’m hungry lately, I eat!”

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She then shared that she’d rather not be bothered by what other people say because only she knows what her own body is going through.

“[Your] body is constantly changing! That’s why I ain’t even trippin’ cause I know this is just a transition [and] break for myself on this fitness journey… it’s all about health for me! Mental, spiritual, physical! So [you] gotta keep those stress levels down…choose what to trip on haha if not, don’t trip on anything if kaya mo (if you can),” she said.

She added: “I’M NOT POSTING THIS CAUSE I FEEL BAD OR FOR COMMENTS BUT TO SHARE [to] ladies and gents [to] LOVE [YOURSELF] no matter where [you] are! [Especially] in those transition periods! That’s the time [you] need it the most. LOVE OTHERS in transition! Hugs everyone!! Squishy hugs!”

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