Delsey Celebrates 70 Years with a New Store in Manila

There are only a few brand names that pop up when people talk about quality reputable luggage, and one of them is Delsey. After I had a recent incident at the airport where my luggage was tampered with and opened, I knew I had to really invest in top quality luggage to prevent incidents like that from happening again. That’s when I started looking into what Delsey has to offer.

As luck would have it – and as if to answer my prayers and make my life easier – Delsey opened its flagship store at Glorietta 4 in line with their 70th anniversary.


Being a lover of all things relate to France, I fell in love with the store at first sight. The iconic French brand’s flagship store incorporates Delsey’s newest global store concept called ‘Maison de Voyages’ with distinct French elements in almost all aspects:


Their shelves have Louis XVI mouldings.


Super love these Chen Karlson drop lights imported from Europe!


See the European tiles on the floor through the mirror there?

Thanks to all of this, customers are able to experience a complete Parisian shopping experience. The only problem I had before leaving was deciding which piece of Delsey luggage to take home at the end of the day.



This limited edition pair is currently on my dream list of things to own!


Reginald de Vera, Brand Manager of Delsey shares that they are very happy to set up more Delsey Maison de Voyage stores in the Philippines as these will transform the way Filipinos shop for luggage and other travel necessities. “This is also a good venue for us to showcase our collections that are innovative, stylish and very French,” he adds.


Delsey has been developing new luggage technologies for the past 7 decades to redefine the way people travel. From the very first trolley system on a luggage to the new removable and washable lining, Delsey has been recognizing ever-changing demands and needs of modern day travelling, so you definitely won’t have any trouble finding a Delsey piece that will suit your needs best.

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