Delish Diet Delivery: Good Food for a Healthier Lifestyle

I’ve always had a hard time looking for the perfect diet delivery service. I’ve tried many of them, but usually end up cancelling my plan because the food taste too bland. Diet delivery services usually cut down on salt which gravely affects the flavor of the food. But it wasn’t until I tried Delish Diet Delivery that I got food that tastes good even without the guilt.

They have two categories for the diet: low-calorie and high-protein. Their menu changes every week, so you can expect variety in the food they serve.

My personal favorites were the breakfast meals from my low-calorie delivery. I don’t usually eat breakfast, but their food made me look forward to my morning meals.

Unlike most diet deliveries I’ve tried, I noticed that Delish meals are more colorful and fragrant. From experience, my other diet delivery services had pale looking food that were not very appetizing. Delish makes sure that the food you get won’t make you feel deprived of the meal you deserve.

From my plan, I get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two surprise snacks. The serving of each meal is just the right amount and, if you get hungry between those, you’d have those handy snacks to munch on, too. I loved the muffins and cookies I got for snacks! Despite the deliveries being on the healthier side, I still got my dose of sugar, which I loved.

One of my most favorite meals that I got from Delish Diet Delivery? The tacos! They are to-die-for. Especially when you heat them up and the cheese just melts. It might look sinful, but it still keeps you true to your calorie count for the day.

Looking for a diet delivery service? Try Delish!

Delish Diet Delivery
Tel No. +(02) 341 3188

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