Love Pie? Here’s Where You Can Get Delicious Sweet and Savory Pies in Manila

Pieeeeee! I love pieeeee! From sweet pies to savory pies, there’s just something about having a nice warm slice of it. It feels like… home. Don’t you agree? After much searching, we’ve found online stores that offer delicious pies that can deliver their goodies to our homes, and we’re here to share them with you!

Here’s Where You Can Get Delicious Sweet and Savory Pies in Manila

13. Wolfgang’s Steakhouse (@wolfgangssteakhouseph)


Type of Pie: Apple Strudel

wolfgangs steakhouse apple pie

At Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, you’ll get to indulge in this sweet pie with big chunks of apple seasoned with cinnamon and sugar, packaged beautifully by flaky filo pastry. It’ll definitely give you that much needed warmth and comfort any day!

12. Oven Crafted Bliss


Type of Pie: Lattice and Floral Buko Pie

Oven Crafted Bliss Floral Buko Pie

Photo from Oven Crafted Bliss

At the age of 15, Janellah discovered and explored the rules and process of baking. Now at 16 years old, she bakes with enthusiasm, always eager to learn and explore more of what she can do. Since the people around her always tells her that she has a skill in food carving, she decided to name her business Oven Crafted Bliss. As for her choice of pie, it was a simple decision: buko pie is her favorite. You can choose between floral and lattice for the crust’s design.

11. The Sunny Side Up (@thesunnysideup.ph)


Type of Pie: Egg Pie

Sunny Side Up Egg Pie

Photo from Sunny Side Up

19-year-old Hannah Lim started The Sunny Side Up with her younger sister Naomi during quarantine, where they serve their favorite ‘eggs-traspecial’ goods: egg tarts and egg pie. The sisters have a passion for baking and believe that food not only brings individuals together, but brings joy, as well. According to my co-worker Kacy Chua, their take on the classic egg pie was a surprise. “It isn’t heavy at all, either; it is quite light and airy,” she gushes. “Best paired with a cup of tea or coffee.” They also have a secret menu baked by their brother Lance, who has autism. The proceeds of this will go to help people with special needs.

10. Sunset & Pie (@sunset.and.pie)


Type of Pie: Shepherd’s Pie

Sunset and Pie Shepherds Pie

Photo from Sunset & Pie

Aggy Conopio shares that her parents and families consist of good cooks, so they were exposed to cooking at an early age. When she started working and living on her own, however, she didn’t have a lot of time to do it. It was during the lockdown when Aggy started baking Shepherd’s Pie. After getting good feedback from her siblings and colleagues, she slowly started getting orders and came up with Sunset & Pie due to her love for sunset photos.

Sunset & Pie’s Shepherd’s Pie is delicious – plain and simple – and enjoyable even without any sauce or gravy. The mashed potatoes alone will make potato lovers utterly happy, and the meat elevates the entire experience. Their bestselling Shepherd’s Pie aside, they also have their own take on baked salmon (it’s 4-cheese!) and fried sinigang paella, which is starting to become a crowd favorite, too.

9. Sheraton Manila Bay (@sheratonmanilabay)


Type of Pie: Chicken Pot Pie

Sheraton Manila Bay Chicken Pot Pie

Photo from Sheraton Manila Bay

Sheraton Manila Bay now offers savory Chicken Pot Pie, an all-time family favorite, on their Gourmet Takeaway menu. Their Chicken Pot Pie is baked to perfection with its flaky, buttery crust, creamy sauce, and hearty mix of chicken. Read more about their Gourmet Takeaways here.

8. The Little Pie Company (@littlepiecompany2012)


Types of Pies: Apple Delight, Mediterranean Veggie, Moo, Chicken, and Cheesy Sausage Pies

The Little Pie Company Moo Pie

Photo from The Little Pie Company

Maureen Ong, the proprietress of The Little Pie Company, shares that her cousin started The Little Pie Company eight years ago as his thesis project in Ateneo de Manila. He used his mom’s chicken recipe and improved on the crust, which people accepted very warmly. After a few years of operations, Maureen took over making the pies and supplying pies to various coffee shops in Metro Manila.

Their flavors are carefully chosen with different savory and sweet varieties for customers of different ages. Although their bestsellers are the Chicken Pie and Hearty Moo Pie, all of their pies are handmade and carefully crafted with passion using the freshest and finest ingredients that you can enjoy with your family.

7. Petites Mains (@petitesmains_ph)


Type of Pie: Cookie Pie

Petits Mains Cookie Pie

Photo from Petites Mains

Hannah Co is a senior at the Ateneo de Manila University who has been baking ever since she was a kid. Petites Mains started out in the middle of the lockdown when Hannah decided to share her sweets and generate some income to help out her family at the same time. “‘Petites Mains’ is French for ‘small hands’, a name that was suggested by one of the French exchange students in their school,” Hannah explains, “largely due to the fact that I actually have really small hands that are not in proportion to my body… almost T-Rex like.”

Their Cookie Pie came about when Hannah went through a huge cookie craze. This pie definitely stands out. I mean… just look at it! With crunchy cookie edges and a thick, chewy center; this pie brings the best of both worlds together in one humongous delicious goodie. You can also request for softer cookie pies with a molten gooey center if you prefer it that way. They even have boozy chocolate cookie pies with chocolate mixed with 18-year-old whiskey!

6. Bianca Bakes (@biancabakes.ph)

Types of Pies: Classic Minced Beef, Chicken and Leek, Steak and Mushroom, Cheesy Mexican Beef, and Vegetable Pot Pies

Bianca Bakes Pies

Photo from Bianca Bakes

Bianca Jackes grew up in Australia and moved back to the Philippines several years ago. Since then, she has been on the hunt for authentic meat pies, which are difficult to come across here in Manila. With Bianca’s cravings in full swing during the lockdown, she started experimenting in the kitchen and Bianca Bakes began. They started with the Aussie staples – Classic Minced Pie and Steak & Mushroom – because they taste like home. As the business grew, they then added vegetable and chicken variants to cater to more people. They also plan to add limited edition flavors in the future to spice things up.

You can really taste the love in Bianca Bakes’ pies. They only use the best ingredients that they can source, and make each piece painstakingly by hand as they strive to make good quality products. All of their pies are good; and with so many choices, you are sure to find something to your liking. Top tip: make sure to eat the beef pies with some ketchup on the side. 😉

5. Pie Express PH (@pieexpressph)


Types of Pies: Kuchay, Cheese, and Chili Garlic Pies

Pie Express Cheese Kuchay Pie

Photo from Pie Express PH

Pie Express PH is a COVID-19 baby that offers healthy plant-based pies. Initially, kuchay pies were an instant hit for graduates of De La Salle Zobel and Elizabeth Seton as they were legendary staples at their canteens until the couple who made them eventually stopped serving them because of old age. Pie Express PH is owned by a husband and wife, the latter being an alumni of Zobel and a huge fan of kuchay pies. She decided to make her own version at home when she had a sudden craving for it and has since been making these pies for personal consumption. After much nagging from her husband and the arrival of the COVID-19 lockdown, Pie Express PH was born.

It really is no wonder why their kuchay pie has been an instant hit with everyone. I have personally never had kuchay pie before, but one bite got me hooked! They also have new variants: the Cheese and Chili Garlic Pies, which are quickly becoming fan favorites, too. Honestly… just try them all! The best part is that they are plant-based, guilt-free, healthy, and delicious! “Our goal is to make healthy and conscious eating a habit in every Filipino home,” they share.

4. Bari’s Egg Pie (@bariseggpie)


Type of Pie: Egg Pie

Baris Egg Pie

Photo from Bari’s Egg Pie

Jose Rosales shares that egg pie is actually the specialty of his father and his siblings, though his father’s version is his favorite (of course :p). When the lockdown came into place, Jose decided to sell it online to keep his father busy and share the delicious traditional egg pie with other people.

It’s interesting that their goal was to bring back people’s childhood memories with their egg pie because that is exactly what it did for my dad. The minute my dad opened the box, he exclaimed, “This looks exactly like the egg pie I had as a kid!” He also devoured much of the pie on his own – a testament that the pie is as delicious as it is nostalgic.

3. Bad Cafe (@badcafeph)


Type of Pie: Apple Pie

Bad Cafe Apple Pie

Photo from Bad Cafe

Bad Cafe (where Bad stands for Brian and Dianne) was built on a relationship that began and blossomed through a shared passion for specialty coffee. From the time they first met in Tokyo and went to Blue Bottle together, coffee has served as a
catalyst that brought them closer to each other – from bringing Brian to one of Dianne’s favorite cafes when he flew to Manila for the first time to joining a coffee brewing class to their honeymoon in Italy, where the idea to open their own coffee shop took root.

Their menu offerings are based on Brian’s childhood favorites, their travels, and Dianne’s favorites. They offer a mix of American, Italian, Japanese, and Filipino food around which their relationship has revolved. All of their food is homemade and they use very high quality ingredients. They look great, too! Their apple pie aside, they also offer bottled cold brew (of course!) and homemade tortellini in frozen packs.

Bad Cafe has also been partnering with a variety of charitable organizations throughout this time to provide meals for laid off construction workers or provide birthday cakes to kids celebrating their birthdays during these challenging times. They accept donations in the form of purchasing food or cakes that they deliver, as well.

2. Gabby’s Famous Pies (@gabbysfamouspies)


Types of Pies: Apple Crumble and Buko Pies

Gabbys Famous Pies

Photo from Gabby’s Famous Pies

Gabby’s Famous Pies started out with Gabriel Linsangan’s family recipe. He and his wife Jolina actually started to sell apple crumble pie and buko loco pie back when they were in high school. It was their school’s favorite snack! They got married last March 2019 and when COVID-19 came, they planned to continue selling their pies for income. It started out great with an average of 70 pies every Wednesday and Sunday delivery! This really isn’t surprising, though, seeing as how their pies are ultra delicious! The buko pie has instantly become a family favorite in our household. I’m not even a huge fan of buko pie, but I devoured this like there was no tomorrow. So. Good.

1. Apple Linario’s Apol Pie (@apple_linariosapolpie)

Type of Pie: Apple Pie

Apple Linarios Apol Pie Apple Pie

Photo from Apple Linario’s Apol Pie

Sherry Lyn Gonzales-Apolinario has always been an apple pie lover. “It’s a sure-shot perk-me-upper when I’m stressed,” she explains. “It just delights me every time.” Apple-Linario’s Apol Pie started from an intense craving last March when the malls were closed and it was impossible for Sherry to find any apple pie. Out of desperation (and despite not being a baker), she decided to make one herself. The first attempt wasn’t perfect, but she got inspired to do better. After doing her research and asking her mother-in-law’s baker friend for tips, she kept baking until she was satisfied.

…And now, we can all be satisfied! No joke – my family finished her apple pie in one sitting. It’s that good. It’s a good thing Sherry’s husband and son help her peel and core hundreds of apples. Because of them, more people can enjoy the deliciousness of their apple pies! “Every time I bake, I put myself in the shoes of another apple pie lover,” Sherry adds. “I want them to feel that same feeling of happiness I got when I finally satisfied my apple pie craving.”

Sherry plans on releasing APOL Pocket Pies soon, as well, which she fondly calls pocketful of sunshine. These apple shaped pocket pies will be more affordable and more convenient to bring around. And oh, you can give their products out as gifts, as well, and even ask them to write personal notes on your behalf.

What’s your favorite kind of pie and where do you get it from? Share your delicious finds with us! 🙂

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