9 Delicious Desserts That Are Well Worth the Calories

Love desserts? In celebration of National Dessert Day, we’ve compiled 9 desserts that you need to try right now! We don’t care if you’re on a diet. These goodies are well worth the calories!

9. Brownies From The Tasty Treat (@the_tasty_treat.ph)

The Tasty Treat Brownies

Photo from The Tasty Treat

If it’s brownies you love, try The Tasty Treat’s brownies. Made by Mark Kenneth Garcia, a full-time Quality Assurance Specialist by weekday and a Passionate Baker by weekend, this online baking business started last April and has involved a lot of thought and time until the brownies were perfected. “It became my weekly staple since then and always a sold out/bestseller. And it’s the best value for your money for this kind of quality brownies for 150 pesos only,” Mark beams.

8. Ice Cream From The Lost Bread x Ate Rica’s Bacsilog (@thelostbread_)



The Lost Bread is a dessert brand that specializes in milkshakes, French toasts, and ice cream. The brand started in 2015 in Maginhawa St. Q.C. and has since expanded nationwide, aiming to create fun, creative, unique, and experiential dessert items – and that’s exactly what their new flavors in collaboration with Ate Rica’s Bacsilog do. If you’re looking for new and exciting ice cream flavors to try, these are it. I mean, where else will you find flavors like Cheesy Bacon and Cheese Sauce? These flavors are only available for a limited time, though, so make sure you order them soon!

7. Mango Blueberry Cheesecake From Kim’s Cheesecake (@kimscheesecake)


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Kim and her sister both lost their jobs during the pandemic, but persevered by starting a delicious cheesecake business that you simply need to try. Whether you’re just craving for some good fruity cheesecake or have something to celebrate, their cakes are well worth it. They also have a special menu perfect for the holidays that includes special edition cheesecakes and house-favorite pastry bars to make your celebrations with your loved ones more joyous.

6. Magic Banana Pudding From M Bakery (@mbakery_ph)


M Bakery Magic Banana Pudding

Photo from M Bakery

M Bakery is now open at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell and they are offering an exclusive treat that you can enjoy to your heart’s content: the Magic Banana Pudding! Indulge in layers of vanilla pudding, toasted coconut, graham crackers, bananas, and chocolate chips with tjos new banana pudding flavor. Every mouthful tastes like magic, and you’ll definitely want more of this once you’ve tasted it.

5. Sugar Bombs From Sugar Bomb Desserts (@sugarbombdesserts)



Photo from Sugar Bomb Desserts

Definitely a unique treat, these sugar bombs are being sold by a student hoping to earn more income while promoting Filipino products at the same time. These sweet explosive treats are made of soft and sticky glutinous rice with generous cream pastillas inside. It’s like eating mochi and puto bumbong and melted pastillas in each bite, though they have different flavors for you to choose from, including mango, pandan, and strawberry. It’s a unique and sweet treat that even your kids will love!

4. Nama Chocolate Truffles From By Mary Days (@bymarydays)


Nama Chocolate Truffles By Mary Days

Photo from By Mary Days

Whether as dessert or as a pairing for coffee or wine, the nama chocolate truffles from By Mary Days are perfect! MJ Tiong and Erika De Las Ala established By Mary Days because they both love eating chocolate truffles. What I love about their truffles the most is that they’re available in a wide array of flavors to cater to different tastes. They’ve got dark chocolate for people who like the bitter and sweet taste of dark chocolate, coffee for those who need a daily dose of caffeine, and matcha for lovers of a hint of Japanese goodness. Not only are their truffles made with love and passion (and deliciousness); they’re affordable, too. For the holidays, they are also releasing limited edition white strawberry truffles – we can’t wait!

3. The Fried Chicken Ice Cream (@thefriedchickenicecream)


The Fried Chicken Ice Cream

Photo from The Fried Chicken Ice Cream

Speaking of unique, it doesn’t get any more unique than this. No, that isn’t actual fried chicken. Inspired by a concept that they saw abroad, the owners of The Fried Chicken Ice Cream brought this delightfully unique dessert to the Philippines last May. This intricate ice cream creation made with special waffle ice cream is a sure a hit with the kids and the kids at heart – which isn’t really surprising because, I mean, just look at it! It even comes in a fried chicken box upon arrival, making it a great choice for lovers of fried chicken of any age. It’s crispy, crunchy, creamy, sweet, and incredibly fun to eat. And oh, it’s insanely delicious, too!

2. Coco Flan de Queso From Non Pro Cook (@nonprocook)



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Non Pro Cook simply has to be on this list. I am in love with their delectable cakes that are hybrid of leche flan and a cheesecake – and this time, they have a new flavor in the Coco Flan De Queso. Put simply, it tastes like leche flan, cheesecake, and macarons all rolled into one. It’s hard to describe, but my tastebuds were screaming for more right after the first bite! If coconut isn’t your thing, no worries. They also have a classic version, a lemony version, and an espresso version – plus a delicious dark chocolate drink to wash it all down.

1. Stunning Fruity Floral Cakes From Aby’s Homemade (@abyshomemade)


Abys Homemade Floral Fruity Cake

Photo from Aby’s Homemade

Judging by how gorgeous the cake above looks, it’s hard to believe that Aby Mance only learned how to bake last year during the ECQ period. It’s even more surprising that she never intended to turn it into a business. Today, she makes these stunning creations that don’t just look gorgeous, but taste great, too. If you need a cake to celebrate anything meaningful or simply want to surprise someone with a delicious piece of art, Aby’s Homemade is the place to order it from. She doesn’t just make big and beautiful cakes, either. She also bakes baby Basque cheesecakes. That aside, her bespoke creations are actually affordable, so you can get your hands on a well-worth-it cake without breaking the bank.

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