Deeshirts: Affordable and Relatable Pinoy Hugot Shirts that You’ll Love


Filipinos love hugot lines. I, for one, always end up posting some sort of hugot line on my social media every now and then because I know people will be able to relate to my mababaw pain. :p

As such, I couldn’t help but stop and pay attention to one particular shirt brand that focuses on exactly that: hugot.

Deeshirts Hugot Shirts

Deeshirts was born because they wanted to have more affordable and relatable Pinoy shirts and products available in the market. Jandrea Sombillo, co-owner of Deeshirts, points out that most hip shirts that kids are into nowadays are all mimics of foreign countries. As such, they would like to bring the very popular “hugot” into the shirt industry.


Jandrea shares that they are also trying to spill their creativity into a business as a way of escape from their corporate roles in their respective companies.

I love how the designs of Deeshirts are minimal and straight to the point. They aren’t distracting and they never fail to make an impact on people who see them. In fact, every time I wear mine, there is always at least one person who asks where I got it from or at least makes some sort of comment about it – definitely a conversation starter!


As you can see from the pictures, Deeshirts works for both genders and for every age, as well.As long as you are proud of what you’re feeling, what you’ve been through and what you’ve conquered; you are sure to love to wear your personal hugot loud and proud! As for their personal favorite? It’s this one:


“Nasaktan Pero Babangon”

This may be full of hugot, but it is also inspirational at the same time. It also happens to be a perfect mantra for this new year! What’s your hugot?




Instagram: @Deeshirts23