6 Intense Cleaning Equipment to Buy When Hygiene Matters Most

Kärcher is one of the world market leaders in cleaning technology. Whether everyday or extraordinary cleaning projects–they want to make everyday life simpler, better, and more pleasant with powerful, efficient cleaning solutions. And to help achieve big results and move things forward–to create and receive value.

The company’s clear, simple innovation philosophy: innovation is what benefits people. This philosophy results in solutions with a convincing performance, quality, and handling that are one step ahead of the market. Because for Kärcher, cleanliness is the best challenge in the world.

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6. Karcher K 5 Premium Pressure Washer

affiliate lazada 1 karcher k5 premium full control plus home pressure washer

The “K5 Premium” high-pressure cleaner with a powerful water-cooled motor is ideal for the occasional removal of moderate dirt. Quickly and effortlessly cleans large vehicles, stone walls, and bicycles.

The state-of-the-art water-cooled motor will impress you with its high level of performance.

Everything is kept clean and tidy thanks to a hose reel with convenient hose coiling and a large cable hook, which allows for easy storage of the cable directly on the device.

Features include a gun with practical Quick Connect connector, 8 m high-pressure hose, Vario Power spray lance (VPS) for convenient pressure adjustment and gentle surface cleaning, dirt blaster with powerful pencil jet for removing stubborn dirt, and water filter for reliably protecting the pump against the ingress of dirt particles.

Quick, easy, convenient–thanks to Plug ‘n’ Clean (P&C), the detergent can be replaced with just one simple movement. The P&C universal cleaner rounds off the package.

5. Karcher DS 6.000 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

affiliate lazada 2 karcher DS 6 Water Filter Vacuum Cleaner

The DS 6.000 is a vacuum cleaner with a water filter that not only provides thoroughly vacuum-cleaned floors but also ensures fresher 99.99% dust-free exhaust air. This results in a far more pleasant indoor environment.

In contrast to a conventional vacuum cleaner with a filter bag, the newly developed vacuum cleaner with water filter DS 6.000 relies on the natural power of water being swirled around at high speed within the filter. The dirt that has been sucked has to pass through the swirling water and is thereby very efficiently filtered from the air and bound in the water. The result is fresh and exceptionally clean exhaust air.

4. Karcher OC 3 + Adventure Box

affiliate lazada 3 karcher OC3 adventure

Clean equipment even when you’re out and about!

This mobile pressure washer from Kärcher comes with an adventure box with optimally adapted accessories for cleaning outdoor equipment. Its integrated lithium-ion battery and removable water tank also enable it to be used without a power or water connection.

With a gentle yet efficient low-pressure flat jet, the pressure washer is ideal for sensitive surfaces. An LED display also signals if the battery is almost empty or is charging. Benefits of the adventure box: The universal brush with soft bristles can be attached to the spray gun and removes even stubborn dirt, the suction hose enables the use of alternative water sources such as wells or canisters and the accessories box can be easily fastened to the device for storage.

3. Karcher SC 2 Deluxe Easy Fix Steam Cleaner

affiliate lazada 4 Karcher SC 2 Deluxe Easy Fix Steam Cleaner

The white Premium variant of the SC 2 Deluxe EasyFix is fitted with versatile accessories. In addition to the standard accessories, which can either be kept in an extra-long bag or directly on the device, the scope of supply also includes an additional microfibre floor cloth, a power nozzle, and a big round brush.

With these accessories, tiles, hobs, exhaust hoods, and even the smallest gaps are hygienically cleaned – removing even stubborn dirt. In addition, the steam cleaner provides two-step steam regulation for adapting the steam intensity to the surface and level of dirt and features an innovative illuminated LED ring on the handle for displaying the operating mode. Red means it is heating up, green indicates the device is ready to use.

The EasyFix floor nozzle with flexible joint and lamella technology ensures sparkling cleaning results and excellent ergonomics. Thanks to the hook-and-loop system, the microfibre floor cloth can be quickly and easily attached and removed again without having to come into contact with dirt.

2. Karcher WD 1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

affiliate lazada 6 Karcher WD 1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful with a power consumption of only 1,000 watts. With robust and shock-proof 15-liter plastic container. These compact machines offer exceptional advantages: these versatile machines are designed for space-saving storage and short work times.

WD 1 multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning around the home, cellars, and outside areas as well as car interiors or picking up small water volumes. Features: Foam filter for wet vacuuming, textile filter and paper filter bag for dry vacuuming, universal clips floor nozzle with mixed insert, blower function, accessory storage, cable hook, and ergonomic carrying handle.

1. Karcher VC 4i Cordless Plus Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA 12

affiliate lazada 5 Kärcher VC 4i Cordless Plus Handheld Vacuum Cleaner HEPA 12 Filter

Thanks to its extremely low weight and cordless operation, the yellow VC 4i Cordless Plus from Kärcher can be effortlessly carried around, lifted up, and operated, even over a prolonged period. With its modern 2-in-1 design and double handle, it fits comfortably in the hand at all times, whether as a handheld or handle vacuum cleaner–and is thus the perfect aid for daily cleaning tasks. Its brushless high-speed motor with 100,000 turns per minute, 15,000 Pa suction power, and motorized floor roller pick up any kind of dirt as fast as lightning.

The powerful bagless vortex system with a HEPA filter ensures constant suction power. In Eco mode, the maximum run time of the powerful lithium-ion battery is 60 minutes, which makes the cleaning of the entire living area possible. A hole in the wall is not necessary for storing the device and its accessories. Furthermore, the VC 4i Cordless Plus has practical accessories: With the upholstery nozzle, dust and hair can be removed from upholstered furniture and the crevice nozzle makes it easier to clean hard-to-reach surfaces.

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