Deadline for Exchanging Old Peso Bills Only Until June 30

Bangko Sentral has issued a reminder on their Twitter page, stating that the last day for exchanging old peso banknotes to the new designs is only until this Friday, June 30, 2017.

There will be no more extension after this deadline, said Deputy Governor Diwa Guinigundo in an interview with DZMM. The deadline for exchanging the old banknotes (NDS) to the new generation designs (NGC) has already been extended thrice. The first deadline set was in January 1, then moved to March 31, and finally to June 30.

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Old peso bills can only be exchanged in BSP branches nationwide. Check out Bangko Sentral’s Tweet for the complete information, plus locations of BSP branches:

Hurry up and don’t forget to have your old bills exchanged, if you still have them! Or else, sorry to say, on Saturday, those banknotes will be nothing more than just fancy colored paper.

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