‘Dead Whale’ Seen Near Manila Bay

This April, CCP installed the ‘Dead Whale’ Art Piece by Biboy Royong.

Photo from CCP

In 2017, the ‘Dead Whale’ Art Piece (measuring 50 feet) was set up in Naic, Cavite to spread awareness of how our waste ends up in the ocean and hurts different creatures. The installation was part of a campaign by Greenpeace and was inspired by an actual whale that washed ashore in Davao a year ago.


Displayed on the front lawn of CCP, this installation aims to bring awareness to more people. They wanted to ask people if they would let our beautiful marine life go extinct. Entitled ‘Cry of the Dead Whale’, the 78-foot art installation is made up of different items that end up in the ocean like plastic bags, bottles, and sachets.

The installation is part of CCP’s eARTh month. With the permission of Greenpeace, they were able to replicate the first installation in Cavite. The difference between the first installation and this new one is the additional ‘dead baby whale’ found inside the actual display.

The Cry of the Dead Whale” is on display until May 26, 2019 at the Front Lawn of the CCP.  Visit CCP’s website for more information.

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