De la Hoya Throws One Last Punch At Mayweather Through His Open Letter

Floyd Mayweather might have decided to hang up his gloves for good, but the 1992 Olympic gold medalist Oscar De La Hoya took a last punch at him as a way to say “good bye”.

Mayweather- De La Hoya

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In his open letter, which was published in the December issue of the Playboy Magazine, De La Hoya called out to Mayweather, calling him “boring”, “afraid”, and “taking the easy way out”.

De La Hoya also said that Mayweather was “beating up on outclassed opponents”; choosing opponents that were out of his “caliber” and running from the tougher opponents.

After a lengthy letter, De La Hoya took a final blow at Mayweather by saying:

Now that you’re stepping aside, attention can be turned to the sport’s real stars: the brawlers, the brave, the boxers who want nothing more than to face the best and therefore be the best.

In 2007, Oscar De La Hoya faced Mayweather in the ring, but De La Hoya lost in a split decision.

You can read De La Hoya’s entire open letter here.

What can you say about Oscar De La Hoya’s letter? Think it was on the spot?