DC vs Marvel Mirror Art by Mustafa Raza

Both DC and Marvel have epic superheroes in their rosters, but have you ever contemplated what it would be like if both DC and Marvel converged? What if DC superheroes faced off with Marvel superheroes? Who would win?

This is the concept behind artist Mustafa Raza’s art series ‘Mirror War’. In it, different DC characters are pitted against Marvel characters, each one mirroring the other, and it just looks so cool. Check it out:

Mirror Art Thor Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman vs Thor

Mirror Art Deadpool

Deathstroke vs Deadpool

Mirror Art Iron Man

Iron Man vs Cyborg

Mirror Art Hawkeye Green Arrow

Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

Mirror Art Catwoman

Black Cat vs Catwoman

MIrror Art Superman

Superman vs Hyperion

Mirror Art Thanos

Darkseid vs Thanos

Mirror Art Daredevil

Nightwing vs Dare Devil

Mirror Art Black Panther vs Batman

Black Panther vs Batman

See the complete lineup at behance.net

Who would you like to see in a DC vs Marvel face-off if they ever converged in a movie? 🙂

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