DC Shoes South East Asia kicks off its first design competition in the Asia Pacific region with the new DC Trase collection



Founded in 1994, DC quickly grew to be a leader in performance skateboarding shoes and a renowned action sports and lifestyle brand. DC’s mission has always been about making a significant change in skateboard shoe style and elevating the sport of skateboarding performance to the highest level. Now, DC is giving its fans a chance to show the brand what they think the latest trend is all about.

DC Shoes South East Asia invites all artists, creators and designers from around the region to join the first DC Shoes South East Asia graphic design competition. Entrants are required to submit their original custom design for the new DC Trase shoes. The Trase has a vulcanized low profile silhouette and clean upper design which makes it perfect for applying almost any artwork.

The Trase shoes design competition will give the SOUTH EAST ASIA GRAND WINNER a great boost up as not only will s/he win PHP250,000 worth of cash and products, but also have his/her winning design produced as part of the 2016 shoe collection and will be sold throughout the best shoe retailing stores in South East Asia.

The artist who receives the largest amount of support from the overall South East Asian community, will be honored the COMMUNITY AWARD and will receive PHP100,000 worth of cash and products.

In addition, each participating country (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines) will hold individual local events and have their respective COUNTRY WINNER, each of whom will receive PHP65,000 worth of cash and products. Not too shabby!

Through this competition, DC instigates its mission to equip and inspire communities to challenge convention, aim higher, take risks and make their own way.

The judges want to see creations related to street and skate culture to be in line with the company‘s roots. Participants are expected to be risk takers, ambitious, expressive and out of the box thinkers. The judges are looking for the next big thing and want to see the artists and designers make a statement.

Customize your Trase. Give it a distinct look and feel. Make no compromises and no apologies; give DC’s judges some attitude!

The first edition of the DC Trase competition in South East Asia introduces a qualified judge’s panel with:

Eric Blevins – APAC PLM Director of Men’s footwear-Born and raised in southern California, Eric has skateboarded, snowboarded and surfed for over 2 decades. As the APAC product line merchandising director of men’s footwear for DC Shoes, Eric has had the opportunity to collaborate with artists, musicians and riders on many footwear projects. Basically Eric decides what DC will produce and what they won’t. He dictates where trends are heading in the lifestyle shoes and new performance technology needs in the pro skate shoe category.

Pevi Permana – Pro skateboarder -Pevi Permana is a pro skater born and raised in Indonesia with an unconditional love for skateboarding. Regarded as one of the best competition skateboarders in Asia, from 2005 to 2012, Pevi was the Indonesian skate champion. Skating through almost 50 pairs of shoes a year – Pevi knows what a skateboarder likes.

Tommy Fynn – Pro skateboarder -Tommy is a 27 year old skater who was born in South Africa but has spent most of his life in the sunny city of Brisbane, Australia. After becoming the Australian skateboarder of the year in 2013, Tommy has now been recognised for his skill and has recently become a pro for stereo skateboards and moved to Los Angeles. Being based in the skateboarding and fashion obsessed city of Los Angeles; Tommy knows what is on the radar before it hits the shelves when it comes to street kicks and performance skate shoes.

For more information and registration guidelines visit https://www.dcshoes.com.ph/trase-yours