Day 8 Business Academy Inc. by Josiah Go: Affordable & Relevant Seminars for Entrepreneurs

When in Manila, entrepreneurs need not enroll in the school of hard knocks to be successful.  Being an entrepreneur myself, I know how expensive it is to start a business and how impractical it is to just charge your limited resources (be it money, effort or time) to experience.  Good thing there’s Day 8 Business Academy Inc.!  For only Php 488 pesos (early bird rate), you can already get really good quality education from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.

How do I know so? Just a few days ago, my mom and I decided to try out two seminars with Day 8: Handling Price Objections and Customer Retention Strategy.  I wasn’t expecting much, except maybe for just a tip or two, because of the extremely affordable price (compare this to other talks and seminars that can go as high as Php15,000 per day). 

So one Thursday morning, we took an elevator up to the 6th floor of BSA Twin Towers.  There, we spotted a unit that looked very much like a classroom.  The walls were white.  It was filled with 30 school armrest chairs and in the middle was a projector displaying a PowerPoint slide on screen.  


Seated in front of the class was someone familiar; someone I’ve seen on covers of books, newspapers, magazines, posters and websites.  Surprise, surprise! It’s the marketing guru and entrepreneur Mr. Josiah Go himself handling the class.  

Day8 Business Academy Entrepreneurship SME Josiah Go When In Manila Marketing Guru Mitzi Uy

For three full hours, from 9AM to 12NN, Josiah Go taught us meaty concepts and true to life stories on how to handle price objections. He shared about the principles on pricing, value creation, and the strategies to determine the right pricing.  In the Customer Retention Strategy session that ran from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon, Josiah Go shared with us a number of actual case studies on how businesses failed in retaining customers, as well as 10 propositions about customer retention.  I was amazed at the content of both seminars.  Day 8 definitely delivered more than what I had expected.




Later on, I learned that Day 8 Business Academy is a training academy rooted in an advocacy to help SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) in the Philippines to thrive and grow.  Let me share with you how Day 8 can help you as an entrepreneur.