Date a Kid Foundation 2017: A Play Date to Remember

This is a love movement.

Date a Kid Foundation is a non-government organization that has been bringing plenty of sunshine and pocketful of candies to its chosen beneficiaries. Last February 19 at the Philippine Cerebral Palsy, Inc. in Makati, kids and kids at heart spent a play date to remember. Donations from corporations and individuals would provide educational, medical, and experiential support to the kids.

Date a Kid 3

Before the fun-tivities with the expected 250-300 participants, pictured here are the volunteers at the setup (with Date a Kid founder Kit de Silva):

Date a Kid 5

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a “disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills (the ability to move in a coordinated and purposeful way).” There is no cure. But then again, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light. And that is what Date a Kid is for. To help turn on the light. To fight for 500 kids.

Here is the afternoon told in the bright faces of the kids, emojis, play, and serenading:

Date a Kid 10

Date a Kid 11

Date a Kid 12

Date a Kid 13

Date a Kid 14

Date a Kid 15

Date a Kid 18

Date a Kid 24

Date a Kid 30

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Date a Kid 40

Date a Kid 41

Date a Kid 43

Date a Kid 45

Date a Kid 54

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Date a Kid 63

Date a Kid 69

Date a Kid 119

A message from Date a Kid:

Together, we lifted hearts. Thank you for being our own source of miracles and for making Date a Kid 2017 another one for the books!

When we started Date A Kid five years ago, never did we imagine it will organically grow into this. We are truly overwhelmed with the support and love you shared in making this event happen. You have proven how far this love movement can go and what it can do. The power of passion and compassion – it has all brought us together.

A huge chunk of this event is made possible by the blessings and love of a lot of individuals and progressive businesses who were more than willing to support Date a Kid 2017 and PCPI.

Thank you to our major sponsors, ANZ Bank, Fit Food Manila, Adarna House, Drool For More, Sweet Elegance, Full Pledge House and Ophelia & Co.! Also, to these individuals with the biggest hearts – Rafael Revestual, Meiji Laugo (The Gentleman Bastards), Dinna Rueda, Redellene M. Garcia, Shiela Gajelonia, Krizza Amonceda, Dane Quiñones, Giselle Bautista, Lorra Padiernos Chrissy Rabano, Chynna Cuna, Pat Bautista, Isabel Tai (Power Engine Corporation), Sherilyn Valdecanas, Imelle Rica Inieto, Rose Anne Escudero, Michelle Nikki Florendo, Lanie Tigas, Abegail Abella, Fatrick Meneses, Rubi Fredeluces, Genesis Giron, Flor Parentela, Mitch del Carmen and Domer Rubiano!

To all our volunteers who shared their good energies, big smiles, efforts and time with us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn’t have done it without you! It was a pleasure meeting and being around such wonderful people. I hope you realize how inspiring you are and how you were able to make the kids happy. We believe that you are capable of doing great things and giving love selflessly. Grateful to have found a friend in each one of you!

To Ms Precy, Ms May, Ms Kathleen, Ms Eva, the rest of the staff and interns of PCPI, thank you for letting us be a part of your home and for sharing your wonderful kids with us. Our advocacy in helping PCPI doesn’t end here. You have us all in making this world a better place for people with Cerebral Palsy. PCPi and the kids are very much loved by so many and there is nothing greater than this power we hold dearly.

To our suppliers and performers who gave life to our event and gave everyone their biggest smiles and heaps of laughs, thank you. Thank you Marla for singing songs from your heart. To Ivan and the golden show, thank you for giving all your efforts to make this day as fun and as lively as possible!

And to our kids, you may not say it but we felt how happy you were and for that, we are truly grateful. You have given us so much joy and you have inspired us in ways we never thought possible. Your resilience, strength, optimism and love will forever be our source of meaning. Your hugs gave us the warmth only few people can make us feel. Thank you so much and we love you.

We really do!

Thank you so much and until the next Date a Kid!

In love and light,
Kit de Silva

For donations:

Date a Kid 1 Date a Kid 2 Date a Kid 3 Date a Kid 4 Date a Kid 5 Date a Kid 6 Date a Kid 7

Here’s to light and cotton candy!

Date A Kid Foundation

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