Dare to #GoBeyond for UP Manila College of Medicine’s 46th Interscholastic Clinicopathologic Conference

ICPC 46 Beyond the Books 1

Knowledge favors those who seek it. Would you like to see the world beyond the pages of your textbooks?

Suit up and prepare to test your limits as the University of the Philippines Medical Students’ Society holds its 46th Interscholastic Clinicopathologic Conference: Beyond the Books this March 9, 2019, from 8 AM to 5 PM, at the University of the Philippines Manila.

ICPC 46 seeks to go deeper than just our clinical understanding of the medical field and back into the heart of the matter – the art and science of how we treat our patients. Step out of the four walls of the classroom and immerse yourself in dynamic conversations with the best teachers of medicine: the people, with our human library in the morning featuring war doctors from Doctors Without Borders, Palliative Care Medicine, LoveYourself Anglo, and a patient with an important story to tell. Then prepare your clinical mind and join ten different medical schools from all over the country as they try to clinch a clinical case’s diagnosis in a battle of wits in the Interscholastic Clinicopathologic Conference. Uncover the truth to the patient’s case where our judges show that what’s essential is not always visible to the eyes.

The event is FREE and is open to all who are interested and you can sign up here: https://tinyurl.com/icpc46reg. This event is in cooperation with Uratex Foam Philippines, in partnership with Staph CPH, IPHSoc UPCP, APTS UPCAMP, UPM Dramatista, in media partnership with the UPCM Collective and WhenInManila.com, with special thanks to Charmaine Lim.

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